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Ballroom Dance: Episode 29
Jo surprises everyone that she has enrolled in Ballroom Dance classes.
Part One

The Halloween Show: Episode 87
File Type: .wmv length: 1.36 minutes
In this scene the girls confront Mrs. Garrett about killing a customer for meat. Available Online 01/01/04.

Star Struck: Episode 44
File Type: .wmv length: 2.51 minutes
Tootie's friends are concerned about her obsession with singer Jermaine Jackson.
Available Online 01/31/04.

Best Sister: Episode 74, 75
File Type: .wmv length: 2.13 minutes
Blair shows some aggression against God, which makes Jo punch her.
Available Online 02/24/04.

Rites of Passage: Episode 180
File Type: .wmv length: 1.00 minute
Beverly Ann can't decide whether the divorced parents should sit together. Later Monica and David Warner help make her decision.
Available Online 02/27/04.

The Four Musketeers (LOW QUALITY): Episode 44
File Type: .wmv length: 3.11 minutes
The famous paint fight.
Available Online 02/28/04.

Seven Little Indians: Episode 169
File Type: .wmv length: 1.10 minutes
Blair explains to Tootie why she killed all of her friends.
Available Online 02/28/04.

On The Edge: Episode 206
File Type: .wmv length: 2.44 minutes
Jo tries to help a social worker change her decision about wanting to commit suicide.
Available Online 05/09/04.

The Little Chill: Episode 163
File Type: .wmv length: 3.18 minutes
Nancy, SueAnn, and Cindy return for a 5 year reunion.
Available Online 05/09/04.

Out Of Peekskill: Episode 159
File Type: .wmv length: 4.37 minutes
Mrs. Garrett drives Beverly Ann's Winnebego off a cliff.
Available Online 05/09/04.

Christmas in the Big House: Episode 120
File Type: .wmv length: 2.39 minutes
The 1984 cast of the Facts of Life sings I'll Be Home For Christmas.
Available Online 12/15/04.

Screen Savers

Facts of Life Screen Saver (Nick At Nite)
File Type: .EXE Size: 789kb
This screen saver came out in the fall of 2000. Nick At Nite had a file that didn't work, this one will work. It has pictures of the facts of life sliding across the screen.