No self-respecting classic TV collection is complete without Blair, Tootie, Natalie and Jo from the Eastland Academy. Here youíll get your fill of pajamas, wacky antics, boy problems, gossip and the tough-love 80s icon that is Mrs. Garrett. Get The Facts of Life in under 5 minutes with Sony's Minisodes.

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The Facts Of Life: It's A Wonderful Christmas

It's A Wonderful Christmas Length: 4.47 minutes / Season: Nine
Santa plays Beverly's guardian angel in this "deadly" retelling of the Jimmy Stewart movie classic.

The Facts Of Life: And Into The Frying Pan

And Into The Frying Pan Length: 4.33 minutes / Season: Seven
Welcome to the Clooney season. THE George Clooney (Oceans 11) joined the cast as contractor George Burnett. He has returned from Kuwait to help the ladies remodel the shop.

The Facts Of Life: Working It Out

Working It Out Length: 4.59 minutes / Season: Six
Blair dates like it's going out of style.

The Facts Of Life: Slice Of Life

Slice Of Life Length: 4.38 minutes / Season: Six
Jo starts selling her delicious homemade pizza.

The Facts Of Life: Let's Party

Let's Party Length: 4.52 minutes / Season: Four
A night out teaches a lesson about drunken driving.

The Facts Of Life: Who's On First

Who's On First Length: 4.57 minutes / Season: Four
Natalie's devotion to her new beau excludes Tootie.

The Facts Of Life: For The Asking

For The Asking Length: 4.57 minutes / Season: Four
Natalie's principles urge her to boycott a dance.

The Facts Of Life: Mind Your Own Business

Mind Your Own Business Length: 5.00 minutes / Season: Four
Blair peeks into Natalie's diary.

The Facts Of Life: Rumor Has It

Rumor Has It Length: 5.05 minutes / Season: Nine
Will council please approach the couch? Blair's first year of law school gets challenging when meeting with a prof primes the rumor mill. No worries. After eight seasons of Jo, Tootie and Nat blabbing, hundreds of college kids are a piece of cake.

The Facts Of Life: Post Christmas Card

Post Christmas Card Length: 4.57 minutes / Season: Eight
$3000 is a dangerous thing, especially when it ainít yours. Credit cards get the best of Natalie, and she spends as if she had Blairís bank account. Will a soon to be horribly outdated word processor get the best of her?

The Facts Of Life: Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement Length: 4.49 minutes / Season: Five
When Blair thinks you're stuck-up, you have problems. Tension mounts when Nat enrolls in a college course and writes for a university paper. Tootie, Jo and Blair are supportive until Natalie's holier-than-thou attitude becomes too much to handle.

The Facts Of Life: The Halloween Show

The Halloween Show Length: 4.52 minutes / Season: Five
Halloween eps rule! The girls think Mrs. Garrett killed a man and made sausage out of him. Sure, it's an unlikely plot summary, but go with it. Forget the benign topics like boyfriends, diaries and eavesdropping. Grisly homicides and cannibalism are so much scarier.