The listing of the three movies made off the series Facts of Life.

Facts of Life Goes To Paris (1982)

Directed By
Asaad Kelada

Written Credits
Jack Elinson
Deidre Fay

Mrs. Garrett and the girls travel to Paris, France. Mrs. Garrett will be tending a cook school, while the girls will be attending the sister school of Eastland. During their journey across the world, Mrs. Garrett has a hard time adjusting to the work, and her boss. And like the girls, they find out they don't care much for their sister school and decide to leave.

GENRE: Comedy/Romance
TIME: 2 hours

  • Charlotte Rae .... Edna Garrett
  • Lisa Whelchel .... Blair Warner
  • Kim Fields .... Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey
  • Mindy Cohn .... Natalie Green
  • Nancy McKeon .... Jo Polniaczek
  • Frank Bonner (I) .... Garth Kiley
  • Frédéric Andréi .... David
  • Jacques Ferrière .... Pierre
  • Vivian Brown .... Miss Southwick
  • Roger Til .... Chef Antoine
  • Caroline Ducrocq .... Angelique
  • Laurie Main .... Reggie
  • Bernard Soufflet .... The Innkeeper
  • Philippe Brizard .... The Bookseller
  • Dominique Bauguil .... Georges

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    Facts of Life Down Under (1987)

    Directed By
    Stuart Margolin

    Written Credits
    Gordon Cotler

    The girls with Beverly Ann and Andy goto Sydney, Austrailia to speak on behalf of Eastland School - to their sister school in Austrailia. Beverly Ann falls in love all over again with a lost love, Blair and Jo hide out from two thieves, and meanwhile Natalie and Tootie enjoy the outback.


    This is the second TV movie made for the show. It aired Sunday, February 15th, 1987 at 8pm as part of NBC's Sunday Night Movie. The movie was both a critic and ratings success. It recieved a 17.8/27 rating for the night (approximately 30 million viewers (thats more than what NBC's "Friends" recieved during it's hey-day)). And was one of the biggest TV Movies of 1987, even thought it aired against ABC's "AMERIKA", and it's superbowl size ratings (over 70 million viewers).- TV experts called The Facts of Life Down Under - the surprise hit of '87! Proving the fact that the show was still extremely popular after 8 years on NBC.

    GENRE: Comedy
    TIME: 2 hours

  • Cloris Leachman .... Beverly Ann Stickle
  • Lisa Whelchel .... Blair Warner
  • Kim Fields .... Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey
  • Mindy Cohn .... Natalie Green
  • MacKenzie Astin .... Andy Moffett
  • Nancy McKeon .... Jo Polniaczek
  • Mario Van Peebles .... David Johnson
  • Joss McWilliam .... Nick Aintree
  • Jay Hackett .... Kevin Colton
  • Andrew McKaige .... Ren Calley
  • Noel Trevarthen .... Roger Pitt
  • Misty Bernard .... Jane Willis
  • Sally Martin (II) .... Gwenn Pitt
  • Barbara-Jane Cole .... Miss Carstairs
  • Garry Waddell .... Hugo

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    The Facts of Life Reunion Movie (2001)

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