The set changes to a small gourmet food shop downtown. Most memorable episode in season five is entitled "Brave New World."

Episode Name Description/Guest Stars Picture
Brave New World

Episode: 82, 83

Sep 21, 83
As Blair and Jo make the transition from Easland to Langley, where Jo faces a financial crisis that may end her school days and Blair is oblivious to everyone else's problems.

Guest Stars: Roger Perry (Mr. Parker), Joel Brooks (Raymond Garrett), David Tiefen (Guy), Harriet Ikenson (Female Card Player), Richard Kantor (Male Card Player), Kres Mersky (Miss Aames)
Gamma Gamma or Bust

Episode: 84

Sep 28, 83
Blair wangles a plum sorority job for Mrs. Garrett's new catering business, then gets her fired in a heated dispute over the menu.

Guest Stars: Jami Gertz (Boots St. Clair), Jennifer Barlow (Alicia)
Just My Bill

Episode: 85

Oct 12, 83
Jo is keeping it a secret that she's in love with a wonderful guy, and he's keeping it a secret from her that his family is very rich and very upper crust. Jo is resentful when she finds this out. Kelly alfonato is in this episode.

Guest Stars: Peter Nelson (William Ogden Smith IV), Frank Aletter (Mr. Smith), Joan Freeman (Mrs. Smith), Rene Assa (Jacques)
What Price Glory

Episode: 86

Oct 19, 83
Tootie is dismayed to find the light of her life, a star school athlete, is illiterate and wants her to help him cheat on his exams.

Guest Stars: Geri Jewell (Geri Tyler), Todd Hollowell (Jeff)
The Halloween Show

Episode: 87

Oct 26, 83
It's Halloween and the girls fear that Mrs. Garrett is possessed when a customer disappears and 25 pounds of much-needed ground meat suddenly appears.

Guest Stars: Ian Wolfe (Mr. Bigley), Stephanie Ridel (Gretal), Sean de Veritch (Hansel), Loren Lester (Roy)
Advanced Placement

Episode: 88

Nov 02, 83
The rise and fall of Natalie: her enrollment in an advanced placement course at Langley College inflates her ego and deflates her grades.

Guest Stars: Jami Gertz (Boots St. Clair), David Tiefen (Guy), Jennifer Barlow (Alicia), Lee Arnone (Customer #1), Kerry Michaels (Customer #2), Roger Perry (Mr. Parker)
I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can

Episode: 89

Nov 09, 83
For a birthday surprise, the girls take Mrs. Garrett to a club featuring male exotic dancers, but the one who's in for the real surprise is Blair.

Guest Stars: Woody Brown (Cliff), Philip Charles MacKenzie (Emcee), Larry Poindexter (Ken), Dan Peterson (Maitre d'), Read Scott (Cowboy), Roger Menache (Fireman Freddie), Hodari Sababu (Officer Bob)
Small But Dangerous

Episode: 90

Nov 16, 83
Streetwise Kelly alleges that the vandalism of Edna's Edibles was the work of a local gang, but Jo decides to investigate.

Guest Stars: Larry Wilmore (Officer Ziaukus), Bob Tzudiker (Customer)
Store Games

Episode: 91

Nov 30, 83
The girls plan to organize a counterspy operation to combat the cutthroat tactcs of a deli owner who's been copying Edna's recipes and then underselling her.

Guest Stars: William Windom (Pete Dawson), Nancy Lenehan (Customer), Larry Wilmore (Officer Ziaukes)
The Second Time Around

Episode: 92

Dec 14, 83
Jo misinterprets her father's intention to marry and lashes out when she realizes her parents aren't reconciling.

Guest Stars: Alex Rocco (Charlie Polniaczek), Claire Malis (Rose Polniaczek)
The Christmas Show

Episode: 93

Dec 21, 83
Christmas at Edna's Edibles has the makings of a big fizzle: Jo can't get home; Blair is taking a ski trip alone; and Mrs. Garrett is banking on a holiday fruitcake that's about to become a glut on the market.

Guest Stars: Ian Wolfe (Mr. Lazzeroni), Bob Tzudiker (Customer)
Chain Letter

Episode: 94

Dec 28, 83
While Mrs. Garrett frets over an inspection by the Board of Health, the girls get involved with a chain letter and ignore their responsibilities.

Guest Stars: Peter Hobbs (Mr. Stevens)
Next Door

Episode: 95

Jan 04, 84
Tootie makes friends with the boy next door, a second grader with orders from his mother to avoid strangers at all costs. She tries to get the wary latchkey child to leave his apartment during an emergency evacuation.

Guest Stars: Jean Smart (Ellen Slater), Taliesin Jaffe (Danny Slater), Cliff Norton (Mr. Hanson)
Crossing The Line

Episode: 96

Jan 11, 84
Natalie first declines then accepts a dance invitation from Tootie's cousin drawing support from some and criticism from the others, including Tootie.

Guest Stars: Todd Hollowell (Jeff), Peter Parros (Michael), Rob Stone (Harvey)
All or Nothing

Episode: 97

Jan 18, 84
Newly elected board member Jo tackles the regents of Langley when they vote to cut academic scholarships in favor of a scoreboard nobody wants.

Guest Stars: Jami Gertz (Boots St. Clair), Erica Yohn (Loube), Fred Holliday (Hal), Tom Wilson (Moose), Shannon Holt (Ashley), Joel Davison (Roger), Bruce Penhall (Steve), John Randolph (Ward Beaumont)
A Death In The Family

Episode: 98

Feb 01, 84
The girls are shaken by the sudden death of Natalie's father, Sai and wonder how to ease her pain.

Guest Stars: Mitzi Hoag (Evie Green), John Shearin (Dr. Perkins), Edith Fields (Mrs. Block), Danna Hansen (Mrs. Kravitz), Walter Mathews (Golfer), Patricia Wilson (Woman), Molly Picon (Grandma Mona)
Big Fish/Little Fish

Episode: 99

Feb 08, 84
Jo becomes a float queen and something of a school favorite, while Natalie is still nubed by the death of her dad six weeks later.

Guest Stars: Dori Keller (Skip), Danny Scott (Hal), Ellen Wheeler (Cathy)
Star At Langley

Episode: 100

Feb 15, 84
Blair finds her relationship with Cliff threatened by a movie star who's enrolled at Langley. Robyn Bernard is a sister to Crystal Bernard on "Wings".

Guest Stars: Geri Jewell (Geri Tyler), Woody Brown (Cliff), Robyn Bernard (Heather Hunt), Jami Gertz (Boots St. Clair), David Tiefen (Guy)
Dream Marriage

Episode: 101

Feb 22, 84
A marriage proposal from Blair's boyfriend starts her dreaming about the future for herself and her friends.

Guest Stars: Woody Brown (Cliff), Paul Tompkins (Phillip)
Mother and Daughter

Episode: 102

Feb 29, 84
A large communication gap seperates Tootie and her lawyer mother who's come to lecture at the college.

Guest Stars: Chip Fields Hurd (Pauline Ramsey)
All By Herself

Episode: 103

Mar 14, 84
Blair takes away all of Geri's responsibilities in planning a charity auction.

Guest Stars: Geri Jewell (Geri Tyler), Kip King (Florist), Ernie Sabella (Husband), Susan Davis (Winifred Morris), Mary Burkin (Customer)
Seems Like Old Times

Episode: 104

Mar 21, 84
Seems like old times, almost, when Jo's sailor boy friend comes to visit on leave.

Guest Stars: Clark Brandon (Eddie Brennan), Paul Keith (Delivery Man)
Joint Custody

Episode: 105

May 02, 84
Raymond and his wife Doris visit, Edna finds out that they are getting a divorce, and she will have to sell the property.

Guest Stars: Joel Brooks (Raymond Garrett), Kim Darby (Doris Garrett)
The Way We Were

Episode: 106, 107

May 09, 84
While preparing for vacations away from one another, the girls clean up their room and dig up years of memories recalled in flashbacks.

No Guest Appearances