Entertainment Weekly - Life Goes On
Date: June 30/July 7, 2000.

In Entertainment Weekly Issue #547/548 June 30/July 7,2000 on pg.16. The title reads "Life Goes On" You take the good, you take the bad...and before too long you have plans for a two-hour reunion of the Facts of Life. Lisa Whelchel, who played snooty Blair on the 80's sitcom, says ABC hopes to shoot the update this fall (the network won't confirm). Producers pitched a kinder, gentler Blair, but Whelchel put her manolo blahnik-ed foot down: "Blair should be as vain and shallow as always." Far from a sunny reunion, the update has all the makings of a very special episode - even killing off one of the girls! "The biggest fact of life is death," explains Deborah Dean Davis of her big chill-like plans for the script. "You've got to have a reason to get together besides premenopause." Though Davis won't say who bites it, things don't look good for Nancy Mckeon's tomboy Jo or Kim Fields' Tootie. while Charlotte Rae (Mrs Garrett) and Mindy Cohn (Natalie) are in negotiations to star, Mckeon and Fields are only committed for cameos - WK.

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