Cast Interviews
Question's directly to the cast about the show.

Charlotte Rae/Ms. Garrett

Lisa Whelchel/Blair Warner Warner

Kim Fields/Dorothy Ramsey

Mindy Cohn/Natalie Green

Charlotte Rae/Ms. Edna Garrett

What made you want to return for a reunion?
"I was in touch with two of the girls a lot, but we hadn't worked together for a long time and I was looking forward to working with them. But when I saw the script, it was such a good script that I could see we would all be having a good time together. It was a funny, clever script!"

Did you have a lot of behind-the-scenes influence on the movie as you did with the series?
"In this case I was primarily interested in my character because she hadn't been seen for about 15 years. I wanted to be sure that they made her into someone who kept growing with the times … someone who was not played as a played as a senior citizen."

What kind of response have you gotten from fans of the show?
"There's been so much outgoing warmth and affection and telling me how much the show meant. Even boys telling me that Ms. Garrett was their favorite -- you would think it would be the girls! I think what's happened in retrospect, we've begun -- at least I have -- to cherish the whole experience more, because the impact was such a positive one."

It appears that you and Mindy get all the romantic scenes in the movie…
"Isn't that cute? It's so adorable. I think that's wonderful."

Lisa Whelchel/Blair Warner Warner

What's it like to be back in Blair's shoes?
"Better than ever. I think now that I'm older I can really appreciate what a great opportunity it is to play such a great character. (it's been 13 years). I was a little nervous at first wondering if I still had but she came back in full force."

What has she been doing since we've last seen her?
"I'm happy to report that she's as vain and shallow as she ever was, she matured very little. She has married a man as wealthy as she is named Tad Warner, so she's now Blair Warner Warner. They own five-star hotels all over the world and live in the penthouse suites of them."

Who would you have swapped roles with on the show if you could?
"That's tough because I love Blair. Probably Natalie, because I really enjoy comedy more than anything and I thought Natalie had a really funny character."

Who would George Clooney's handyman, George Burnett, have paired up with on the show?
"I think Ms. Garrett because that would be so controversial and funny."

What about Blair would surprise fans to know?
"One of my favorite lines that Jo ever said was that people just assume that Blair is vain and shallow, but when they get to know her they realize that's the deep part. I love that line. She really does believe that she is the princess of the world -- unabashedly."

From Lisa Whelchel:How did you like the movie? I loved it. It was so fun to sit with my family, around the television, and watch it all together. I thought everyone did a great job of acting, especially Mindy. And didn’t Kim look beautiful! Charlotte was as adorable as ever. Weren’t the little girls cute? I thought they looked so much like Jo and Tootie, uh, I mean, Dorothy.

I was surprised at the little sound effects and special effects they added. I thought those little touches added to the overall impression that we weren’t taking this movie too seriously. It was what it was – a fun reunion with old friends. It was also the first time I got to hear the music. Boy, didn’t that make a difference.

Did any of you see Clancy in the dining room scene? If you didn’t, and you taped the show, then look for her in the bottom, right-hand corner of the screen just before Natalie and Blair duck under the table. If you listen real hard, you can also hear her tiny, little voice.

I haven’t yet heard how we did in the ratings. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear something. Hopefully, we did well. We certainly did a lot of promotion. Even as recently as last Friday morning when I did another twenty-five satellite interviews, this time for the radio.

Kim Fields/Dorothy Ramsey

What's it like to be back in Dorothy's (AKA Tootie) shoes?
"It's actually like having a blank canvas to paint on, I'm not really returning to a grown up character. I was 18 the last time I was that person, now I'm 32. It's like when you go to a high school reunion, it's people that you've seen before and familiar faces but you're not the same person when you're 18."

What has she been doing since we've last seen her?
"Dorothy has a talk show called 'Wake Up with Dorothy.' She's a successful talk show host in Los Angeles but she's very unhappy because she's not dealing with what her passions are. She's also a single mom of a 10-year-old daughter and a widow. The high school sweetheart that she was involved with on the show is the father of the child and her [departed] husband. She's had some ups and downs."

Who would you have swapped roles with on the show if you could?
"George Clooney, because then I could have gone on to have a brilliant film career."

Who would George Clooney's handyman, George Burnett, have paired up with on the show?
"Well, me! I'm no idiot, what am I to say, him and Nancy should have hooked up? Hell with that! I wanted George just like any hot-blooded American woman. Even at age 16, 17, 18-years-old. Still do, I'm not crazy!"

"When they told me I had a daughter and I was a single parent and we kept dealing with all types of scenarios to explain the dad not being there, I was the one that said, 'Let's make the dad George Clooney's character. They didn't go for that, [but] we would have had some pretty kids."

What about Blair would surprise fans to know?
"Probably that she has a child and that she's a widow -- because that surprised the hell out of me! But it was a wonderful surprise, I was thrilled about those things."

Was it your decision to change Tootie's name to Dorothy?
"Most definitely. I was like, 'She's a grown-ass woman, she is somebody's mama, she is not going to still be Tootie.' Plus, honestly I've grown a pet peeve over the years. You know, nobody want to be called that walking down the street. It's an endearing show and a great character, and I can appreciate all of that, but you a grown woman with a job and benefits, you don't want to turn around and have somebody still refer to you as whatever that name was."

Mindy Cohn/Natalie Green

What's it like to be back in Natalie's shoes?
"It's been more difficult than I thought. It's actually been … interesting to sort of go back and kind of recreate this girl who is now a woman, but it has been great. It's a pretty easy fit I have to say."

What has she been doing?
"The great news to me is that Natalie has evolved and not really changed. She's just aged and I really like that. She's still a journalist… she's still really funny, she still has a great heart.

Why do you think the original series was so popular?
People didn't just watch the show, people grew up with the show … and so I think that people have more of a personal relationship with this show."