Photo Gallery Two
Pictures from behind the scenes of the movie.

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Kim Fields getting into Blairs Limo! Kim on Entertainment Tonight. Dorothy on her cell phone. Blair Warner and her husband, Tad. Blair Warner's Limo. Notice the license plate is BLR WTCH. The girls inside the limo.
The girls inside the limo.  Charlotte Rae resting her feet after a hard day's work at the rehersal. The girls and Mrs. Garrett in the restaurant lounge. It's Lisa smiling for the camera in the cafeteria lounge. The girls manicure. Black and White photo of Mindy Cohn (Natalie Green).
Mindy and Charlotte smiling in the camera. Mindy and Joel Brooks (Raymond Garrett) knitting. Mindy after her long day of rehersal. Natalie has two marriage proposals, which guy will it be? Natalie and Harper Carroll (Mark Lutz). The writing producer and director.
Charlotte, Kim, Lisa, and Mindy. First picture taken when all arrive in Toronto. Robert somebody. Sam the bell boy. All the girls, and Mrs. Garrett (Charlotte Rae) having fun shooting a scene. The soundman. Blair and Tad Warner.

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