Bloopers found in the show.

  • Season 1
    1. Vint and the Kids Move In
    Fran is upset about losing her studio, indicating that there are 3 bedrooms upstairs. Mama's, Fran's, and Enice and Ellen's old room (which Sonya got when she moved in).But Later on, in episode 36, Vint and Naomi are upset about losing the upstairs room to Bubba. If there were 3 bedrooms upstairs before, what happened to the other one?

    5. Family Feud
    During the first face-off with Mama and Webster she screams out the answer before buzzing in and they throw the question out.But during the game Vint screams out an answer and the Van Courtland's get to use it to their advantage. Seems to me that if they had to throw one out,they should throw the other out.

    7. Mama Gets a Job
    Watch Mama having trouble with the phone,first she has to push down the lighted button to get the phone to work.But after things get hectic she completely forgets to,but the phone still works just fine. In an attempt to include Sonya and Fran in this episode, in the last scene Vint screams upstairs for Sonya and then into the kitchen for Fran. Hopefully making it look like they where really home. Problem is neither appeared nor made a sound, and the scene dragged on for at least another 2 minutes.

    8. Double Standard
    Does anyone not remember the "Grave Mistake" episode where they met Michael when he went out with and eventually dumped Sonya.Strange.

  • Season 2
    18. Rashomama
    During Euinces story about the pot, Ellen says the line "Oh it's always Euince baby, Euince darling, when does anyone else have time for Mama." Ellen does not say the whole word Mama, but quickly corrects herself before she says the full word and studders in between correcting herself when saying Mama then Ellen.

  • Season 3
    37. Farewell Frannie
    The argument which erupts when Mama gives Bubba Fran's old room means that the house has lost 2 rooms. Buzz & Sonya each had a room. While they were never mentioned again after this episode, they were referred to earlier in the episode.

    42. Cat's Meow
    This is the first episode in which Naomi's hair is permed.

  • Season 4
    65. Gift Horse
    In the scene where Iola is throwing all of her works of art into the box outside the house. You can see clearly that she throws something blue and it hits the ground behind her! You can even see Thelma looking at it hit the ground. Iola doesn't even pick it back up!

    76. Mama Mania
    While watching the matches on Tv pay attention to the last scene of the match. Didi has her opponent in a Half-Crab, with the girl on her face and the severely retarded ref counts three instead of signaling for the beg when she submitted. There's one that I hope slipped past the editors. Cause if not, they really should have done a little more research on the sport, like actually watching a whole match before attempting to make a wrestling episode.

  • Season 5
    April Fools
    While in the kitchen answering the phone Ken Berry says "Oh Shit," when he realizes that he forgot to check the phone for an April Fool's day prank. Him answering the phone was not a blooper, nor was getting the cleaning foam in his ear. The writers did not write the "Oh Shit" line in the show, he said the line out of character.

    98. The Big Wheel
    Mama says Vint was born on March 10th, however in episode #53 he says he was born on April 23rd. 101. More Power to You
    In the end of the episode when it's morning you can see that the house looks like the lights are on. Now with only that one tiny window by the sink, how can there be a whole lite room!

    104. There's No Place Like...No Place
    Cousin Cora shouldn't be a bum. She got Uncle Oscar's boat business in episode #75. What happened with that. She never mentioned it!