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Internet Movie Database (Mama's Family 1983-1990)
IMDB's information for Mama's Family.

Mama's Family Fan's Website
Features fan listing, quotes, episode guide, links, and more.

Tim's TV Showcase: Mama's Family
Information on the show.

Tim's TV Showcase: The Carol Burnett Show
Information on the show.

Cast Related Links

PZelda's Vicki Lawrence Tribute website
A great tribute site.

Vicki Lawrence
The official site.

Vicki Lawerence Tribute and Fansite
This site features bio, photos, wallpaper, games, and more.

Ken Berry
The official site. Carol Burnett
Brief profile of the legendary comedian and actress.

Carol Burnett Fan Site
Includes wallpapers, games, trivia, news, and more.

Carol Burnett, Comedienne
From the Museum of Broadcast Communications. Profile of the legendary performer.

Who2 Profile: Carol Burnett
A brief biography for the Emmy-winning actress and comedian whose credits include The Carol Burnett Show, The Garry Moore Show, and The Four Seasons.

America's Sweetheart, Betty White
Includes photo galleries, audio quotes, television appearances, and fan club information.

Bets' Pets The official Betty White fan club.

Betty White Online
Offers filmography, photo gallery, biography, awards and nominations, links, and more.

Other Links

TV Shows On DVD
Vote for television shows on DVD at this spectacular website. This site features a poll sections, news, tv show voting, tv show releases, and updates daily. Great Site.

TVT Records
Buy the Mama's Family theme song here!

Columbia House
You may buy full length episodes of The Carol Burnett Show here.