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Sunday, June 02, 2013
(Source: StarVista Entertainment (formerly Time Life Entertainment) is at long last bringing Mama's Family back to DVD, with four releases planned to be available on September 10th: a NEW re-release of Season 1, the long-awaited Season 2, and single-disc "Best-Of" releases for each of those seasons (those are targeted at more casual fans, or for people who have heard about the show but haven't seen it yet and want to get an introductory "taste" of Mama). This info about upcoming DVDs was based entirely on pre-order listings that had been added to, but since that report was made three of the four listings have been temporarily removed from Amazon (Season 2 remains at the moment, be we expect it to go away as well). We're told these were all prematurely added to the big e-tailer's site, and that the studio wasn't quite ready to accept pre-orders at this time. These entries will be re-listed at Amazon, however, once the titles are formally announced, so no worries.

It gets better. Our contacts at StarVista/Time-Life have provided us with the simply incredible news that they have acquired the original broadcast masters for those first two seasons, the so-called "Joe Hamilton Cuts" of the episodes. So yes, those two seasons (the NBC-aired ones, before the show went into first-run syndication) will be the whole enchilada, with the versions of the episodes which fans have wanted for years now. But you know what? If you ARE a big fan of this show, then you are not going to want those two season set DVD packages anyway. Wait, what? Why not?

StarVista Entertainment has given us THE EVEN MORE INCREDIBLE NEWS that they will be releasing, as an online exclusive via their online store (similar to their releases of complete series sets for Six Million Dollar Man and China Beach, and their Carol Burnett Show - Ultimate Collection set), a 6-season package of Mama's Family - The Complete Collection on DVD! Yes, that's right, you'll REALLY get it all here, with full episodes from every season. Plus fantastic extras consisting of over 10 hours of bonus material, including a newly-shot Cast Reunion with Vicki Lawrence and others! Plus StarVista is working on getting more extras for you on that big set...but the special features haven't been finalized at this time, so the studio cannot reveal the full range of their plans just yet. A ship date hasn't been scheduled either at this time, but expect The Complete Collection to be ready later this year (probably by the fall), with pre-orders being taken beginning sometime in July. Pricing and package art should be available around that time, too, so stay tuned! And start saving up, because this is the one you've been waiting for!!

Sunday, June 02, 2013
In September 2006, Warner Home Video released Mama's Family - The Complete 1st Season on DVD, a 2-disc set with all the episodes from the short initial season of this program based on the skits of "The Family" that were often seen on The Carol Burnett Show. The outcry from fans came very quickly, however, that this release was actually less-than-complete, as these were edited versions of the episodes missing roughly 3 minutes per installment. Warner soon clarified that there were rights issues with the missing footage, and quickly it became known that the rights to the full episodes lay with John Hamilton, whose late father had run Joe Hamilton Productions (Joe had been married to Carol Burnett from 1963-1984). As recently as late 2011, Warner was stating publicly at their Facebook page that there were still rights issues preventing further DVD releases of Mama's Family.

Cost shown is discounted from a $22.95 SRP list price of a set running 339 minutes. As of this writing, Amazon shows the studio name to be "Wea-Des Moines Video" (which is the way the big e-tailer often lists the Warner Music Group and their subsidiaries, such as Rhino), but from what we've discerned the actual studio will be StarVista Entertainment (which is the company name that Time-Life Entertainment is in the process of switching over to); the same organization currently releasing licensed DVDs for The Carol Burnett Show. StarVista/Time-Life hasn't formally announced anything, however; rumored sets are all showing the same release date of September 10th:

Mama's Family - Season 1 (339 minutes; $22.95 SRP)

Mama's Family - Season 2 (623 minutes; $29.95 SRP)

Mama's Family - The Best of Season 1 (180 minutes; $12.95 SRP)

Mama's Family - The Best of Season 2 (180 minutes; $12.95 SRP)

Season 1 shows "339 minutes." Now, often this early those running times will be guess-timates, calculated quickly by someone at the studio (sometimes not even involved in the DVDs' production) in order to fill in the blank on a solicitation of that upcoming title to the sellers. A running time cannot ever be truly calculated until the DVD masters are fully completed and ready to go to the factory to be pressed. BUT...IF the "339 minutes" happens to be correct, then that indicates an hour more of running time than Warner's 2006 release, which has a finalized run time of 278 minutes. So MAYBE good things are coming here. We'll have to wait and see, though! Please take it with a grain of salt for now.

day, June 07, 2007

Friday, January 19, 2007
The site emailed John Hamilton the questions that you asked, and please remember not all questions could have been answered. Here is the email we sent.

Dear Mr. Hamilton,

Many Mama's Family fans were very disappointed to find the release of Warner Brothers Mama's Family: The Complete First Season on DVD to have used the syndicated cuts of the show. We as fans also understand that you are a very busy person and I personally have compiled many email questions from fans that have some questions about Mama's Family future on DVD and other related facts about the show itself. We would all appreciate a response to as many questions as you can answer and with permission I would like to post your responses to the questions on this website. Many fans loved the first season on DVD, including myself, but we had hoped the episodes were uncut and used the Alistar Quince sequence as well as the original openings. We also understand that some questions may not be answerable because of licensing agreements but we would love as many responses as you can provide us with.

Q: Is there a chance that JHP could release the uncut version rights to some studio, such as Warner Brothers, to develop a Complete and Uncut Season of Mama's Family on DVD?
A: As stated before, JHP's agreement with Warner Bros. does not allow us to distribute any episodes of Mama's Family.

Q: Were you aware of the DVD release made by Warner Brothers?
A: JHP was aware of the DVD release and supported Warner Bros. in this release.

Q: Is there any hope we will ever see these uncut episodes on TV, on-line,or on DVD?
A: I doubt it, but you never know.

Q: Do you have blooper reels of Mama's Family?
A: If you would like to see any bloopers of Mama's Family I urge you to see Vicki Lawrence's live show (go to her website) which has a few bloopers in it. However, there is no discussion of releasing a blooper reel at this time.

Q: What Would Warner Brothers have to do to be able to release the originally aired versions opposed to the syndicated versions on DVD?
A: This would require a re-negotiation with JHP which they have not done. Feel free to urge your fans to contact them.

Q: Was Raytown set in Missouri, it was never stated, but we know it was in a tri-state area and a Missouri license plate can be seen in the episode "Mama Learns to Drive".
A: It was an unwritten understanding that it was Raytown Missouri however we love all Raytown's therefore it was just Raytown USA.

Q: Did the show idea come from Carol Burnett because she was seen speeding through a small hick town and the police officer didn't know who she was?
A: I'm not sure about this question, I've never heard of this before. As you know, the original "Family" sketch from the Carol Burnett Show is the premise for Mama's Family. Dick Clari and Jenna McMahon, writers on the Carol Burnett Show wrote the original sketch and were the creators of Mama's Family.

There you have it, from John Hamilton himself. I would like to personally thank him for his time and generosity for answering these questions because there was no obligation for him to respond/reply at all. As for contacting Warner Brothers you can write to

Warner Home Video
4000 Warner Blvd
Burbank, CA 91522
or phone them at their main telephone number for Warner Bros. Studios: (818) 954-6000.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Many fans felt angered by the release of the syndicated episodes being used on the "Complete" First Season of Mama's Family on DVD. Warner Brothers issued a statement as a response to this:

Thank you for interest in Mama's Family: The Complete First Season on DVD. As you may be aware, the episodes featured on the DVD are the syndicated versions. Warner Home Video always strives to provide original content whenever possible, however, in this instance, Warner Bros. does not own the rights to the original uncut episodes. We apologize for any confusion this may have created and we appreciate your continued support of Warner Home Video products.

There are many people are wondering, who owns the rights to the uncut episodes? We emailed President John Hamilton of Joe Hamilton Productions, son of Joe Hamilton. This was our email:

This email is about the recent release of Mama's Family: The Complete First Season on DVD, I was wondering if you know who owns the original copy's of Mama's Family episodes? Many fans were very dissapointed about the fact that the episodes that were released were syndicated cuts and not the original NBC Network episodes that showed the Alistar Quince sequence, as well as the orignal openings.

Warner Brothers released a statement on the DVD release and they have stated that they do not own the original episodes to Mama's Family, do you know what studio owns the original uncut episodes of Mama's Family? Thanks for your time, looking forward to hearing from you!

Within hours of sending this email we recieved a response from John Hamilton himself. Here is the exact word for word in what he stated:

Good morning webmaster,

I own the original episodes however, I don't believe I am allowed to release them under our agreement with Warner Bros.

There you have it, we now know that Joe Hamilton Productions Inc. own the original uncut episodes and not Lorimar, Telepictures, and Warner Brothers.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Starting August 12th with a three hour marathon the i network (formerly PAX) will now air Mama's Family on a regular basis. Kick off the i network premiere of "Mama's Family" with a special 3-hour 'Mama-thon' on Saturday, August 12th, at 8/7c. Beginning August 14th, enjoy back-to-back episodes every Monday-Thursday at 8/7c. To check out the new mama's family schedule please goto the i networks Mama's Family webpage.

Friday, June 23, 2006
On June 19th, 2006 Warner Brothers Home Entertainment announced the release of Mama's Family: The Complete First Season to DVD on September 26th, 2006. The first season, which aired on NBC in 1983, contained 13 hillarious episodes. Make sure to purchase the latest release on DVD to see future season set releases. To find more information about it's release, cover art, specs, pricing, and press release please visit our merchandise page. UPDATE 8/1/06We added the Season One Rear artwork!

Monday, May 1, 2006
Our story back in December had fans hoping of a DVD release soon. It is now May 2006 and still no official comment from the studio. But reliable sources have told us that The Complete First Season of Mama's Family is coming to DVD sometime later this year from Warner Brothers. A official release date and specific specifications are still unknown.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005
( the pilot, "Mama" Harper (Vicki Lawrence) and Aunt Fran (Rue McClanahan) open the doors of their home to Mama's son, Vinton (Ken Berry) and his kids after a divorce. By the second episode of the series, Vint is rekindling his high school romance with his old sweetheart, Naomi (Dorothy Lyman), and by the third episode Vinton and Naomi are getting hitched, with Naomi moving into Mama's house, too! This could only happen in Mama's Family, the spin-off of the popular skit from The Carol Burnett Show. Carol Burnett (as "Eunice"), Harvey Korman and Betty White were also regulars when the series first premiered on NBC in 1983.

But the network cancelled the series after a 13-episode first season and a 22-episode second season, and it looked like the end for the Harpers in '84. However, *nothing* could keep Mama down; the show returned in first-run syndication during 1986, and went on to last 4 more full seasons. That was done without McClanahan and White, though, since they both left to do a new show called The Golden Girls. Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman moved on, too. Yet the show remained popular, and was nominated 3 times for Emmy Awards based on Ret Turner and Bob Mackie's costume designs...and won the award for that second nom, the 1984 one.

Fans of the show have dearly been seeking DVD news for a long time, and TVShowsOnDVD's registered members have voted to put the show up to #11 on our most-wanted unreleased show list. Now we have great news for you: Warner Brothers is considering Mama's Family for release. Things are looking good, although a release hasn't actually been greenlit yet. It won't be a "TV Favorites" best-of release, either...99% of voters want season sets, and that's exactly what Warner is considering for Mama's Family.

So this is good news all around, but it's not quite official yet. Don't fret, though, because we'll let you know when it is. Our thanks to reader Ryan Pepper for his valuable help with this story. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, keep watching Mama's Family on TBS Superstation.

Tuesday, June 01, 2005
Allan Kayser makes comeback:
Allan Kayser had virtually dropped out of sight after Mama's Family ended in 1990. He is back and is working on multi-projects. He is starring (His first major role) in the upcoming independant film called Shimmer, has created his Official Website, and is creator for a new TV Show called Check out these new links listed below.

The Official Allan Kayser Website
The Official Shimmer Movie Website
The Official TV Show Website
Allan Kayser's Email Address (

Saturday, February 28, 2004
Dorothy Lyman in new play:
Two-time Emmy Award-winner Dorothy Lyman returns to New York to heat up the stage in MY KITCHEN WARS, a new work based on the acclaimed memoirs of Betty Fussell. Lyman portrays Fussell during the course of her unusual thirty-year marriage to Princeton professor Paul Fussell, battling over food, freedom and fidelity. Set against a backdrop of high-balls, haute cuisine and sex, it is the coming of age tale of a 1950ıs faculty wife emerging as an independent woman in conflict with her husbandıs expectations.

Goto our My Kitchen Wars Page for more information and the official site.

Monday, January 05, 2004
TV Land Awards:
Mama's Family is in this years annual TV Land's Viewer Choice Awards. You the viewer can vote for Favorite "Biggest Bad Momma". Mama Harper from Mama's Family is in the runnings against other tv moms such as Roseanne from Roseanne, Sophia Petrillo from Golden Girls, Endora from Bewitched, and Mother Jefferson from The Jeffersons. Goto TV Land and vote for Mama Harper for "Biggest Bad Momma" Now.

Monday, January 05, 2004
Carol Burnett Coming to TV Land:
The Carol Burnett and Friends Variety Show is coming to TV Land. To kick of the show TV Land is airing a weekend long marathon starting January 17 and ending January 18. The Carol Burnett and Friends Show helped spin-off Mama's Family from a skit featured in the show, The Family. Goto the TV Land Website for more information.

Friday, August 15, 2003
Where to Watch Mama:
Mama's Family currently airs on the TBS Superstation from 5 to 6 am central Monday through Friday. The TBS Superstation Schedule for Mama's Family on this site is currently being posted on our message board. Goto The Mama's Family Site Message Board to view the schedule. Please note the schedule should be over a week in advance, sometimes two weeks. The television schedule of Mama's Family can be found in the Calendar section of the message board. To view the Calendar you must register (FREE) and sign in upon viewing the calendar. To do so goto the message board and click on sign up in the right hand, top corner of your screen. The Mama's Family television schedule includes: Plus VCR Codes, Guest Appearances, Episode Title with Description, Cast Members, Times, Dates, Advanced Weekly Schedule!

Visit The Mama's Family Site Message Board to view the schedule.

Friday, August 15, 2003
Vote for Mama on DVD:
Mama's Family has not yet been announced to DVD, but hope is not all lost. Goto the TV Shows On DVD Website and vote for Mama's Family to be released on DVD. If there is an overwhelming response, Warner Brothers Home Entertainment may release the show on DVD. I have checked the statistics on ranking of the show and the show is currently ranked 134th out of thousands of television shows as of August 15th, 2003. Help the shows' rank get to number 1 by voting for what you would like to see released, Season Sets, Best of, and Individual Episodes.

Friday, August 15, 2003
New Message Board:
We have a new message board for fans of the show to enjoy. Click here to visit our awesome new message board. Please note that only members may post. Registration is free. Any Questions or Concerns? Please Email Me! To view the message board on the menu page, drag down to Site Resources and click on Message Board.

Friday, August 15, 2003
Welcome to the newest and largest Mama's Family source on the net! This site was created on August 15, 2003. We are proud to bring you a detailed episode guide, pictures, videos, sounds, links, trivia, cast information, and more. Also, don't forget to check out our The Facts of Life Site which is dedicated to the 1979 to 1988 television sitcom. The Facts of Life Site has been online since November 26th, 1998. Thank you for visiting our new site and come back soon!