1984-1985 Series Information
Information on the show during the year 1984.

  • Year Information
    The premise of Mrs. Garrett and the girls working in the shop worked very well, so producers decided to keep the premise for the Facts of Life the same as the 1983-1984, fifth season. Edna's Edibles is very successful, Blair and Jo are now in their sophomore year at Langley, Natalie a senior, and graduates at Eastland in the spring, and young Tootie a junior at Eastland.

    During The Facts of Life's sixth season, it ranked in the top 50 of the Nielson Television rankings, coming in at number 34. This season in the rankings beat out season one and nine.

  • Did you Know
    In the season premeire episode we find out Tootie will finally get her braces off, and does so towards the middle of the season. We also find out that Nancy McKeon can play the piano.

    Charlotte Rae's contract allowed her to miss a couple of episodes during the sixth season.

  • 1984 Cast
    Charlotte Rae -- Mrs. Edna Garrett
    Lisa Whelchel -- Blair Warner
    Kim Fields -- Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey
    Mindy Cohn -- Natalie Green
    Nancy McKeon -- Jo Polniaczek
    Mackenzie Astin -- Andy Moffett (occasional)
    Ryan Cassidy -- Kevin Metcalf (occasional)

  • 1984 Guest Appearances
    Episode Name Guest Star/Character Name
    108. The Summer of '84 John Astin (Vito Miles) Bruce Solomon (Bill Simpson) Jeff Cohen (Seymour Slavick) Seth Jaffe (Manager) Richard Stahl (Drunk) Woody Brown (Cliff)
    109. A Slice Of Life Tony Longo (Hacksaw) Lisa Freeman (Sally) Stephen Schubert (Ronald) Michael Zorek (Victor) Bob Berger (The Pledge (Whale Slime))
    110. Love at First Byte Christopher Durham (Rex Winchester) Terence McGovern (Elliott Sincerro) Joe Brutsman (Doug) Leif Green (Chip) Charles Champion (Dale)
    111. My Boyfriend's Back Todd Hallowell (Jeff) John Terlesky (Rich Thompson) Eileen Seeley (Ellen Carter) Adrian Richard (Customer #1) Mary Burkin (Customer #2) Phyllis Echlich (Customer #3)
    112. Cruisin' On a dateless Saturday night, the girls cruise downtown Peekskill in hopes of finding Mr. Right. However, a string of bizarre events leads the girls to hideout in their car at a closed gas station.
    113. Taking a Chance on Love (1) Kristoffer Tabori (Sam Hall) Kelly Ann Conn (Penny) David Tiefen (Guy) Dean Cameron (Rick)
    114. Taking a Chance on Love (2) Kristoffer Tabori (Sam Hall) Matt Shakman (Robby Hall) David Tiefen (Guy) Kerry Michaels (Customer)
    115. E.G.O.C. (Edna Garrett on Campus) Clive Revill (Professor Ryan) Toby Alexander (Alan Peterson) Ed Karvoski (Romeo) Claudia Templeton (Girl #1) Rick Simone (Student #1) Roz Witt (Registrar)
    116. Dear Apple Tony Pope (Computer (voice only)) Ken Daly (Guy #1) David Wakefield (Guy #2) David Datz (Teacher)
    117. Talk, Talk, Talk Michael Zorek (Victor) Colby Chester (Professor Dugan) Steve Susskind (Thaddaious) Joanne Giudici (Stacey) Peter Sebastian (Brad)
    118. Smile Casey Siemaszko (Brian) Rob Fitzgerald (Buddy) Kelly Ann Conn (Paula) Kelley Dunn (Alice)
    119. The Rich Aren't Different Andrew Cassese (Craig) Elliott Reid (Judge) Albert Popwell (Bailiff) Ruth Manning (Mae) William Pierson (John) Greg Winfield (Process Server)
    120. Christmas in the Big House Todd Susman (Assistant Warden Yeager) Stanley Ralph Ross (Convict #1) Michael Milhoan (Convict #2) Bruce Glover (Convict #3) Starr Andreef (Melissa) JoAnn Willette (Didi)
    121. Me and Eleanor Cathleen Cordell (Mrs. Pickering) Kres Mersky (Mrs. Jenkings) Shane McCabe (Mr. Burgess)
    122. Working it Out Matthew Beck (Chaz) Tom Eplin (George)
    123. Jazzbeau Bill Henderson (Art Jackson) Timothy Stack (Carl) Steve Gagnon (Ken) Jan Burrell (Jan) John Gowans (John) John Bernabei (Bernie) Pat Benson (Pat) Betty Bunch (Betty)
    124. Two Guys From Appleton Dick O'Neill (Ted) Eve Smith (Eve) Ruth Gillette (Ruth) Ryan MacDonald (Reverend)
    125. With a Little Help From My Friends Tom Byrd (Nick) John Ingle (Father Donovan)
    126. Gone With the Wind (1) Mark Tymchshyn (Ben Rutlege) Michael Damian (Flyman) David Wallace (Morgan Wilson) Mike Jolly (John) Jeff Robie (Peter) Robert Rusler (Neil) Edith Diaz (Sal) Rick Moser (Leon) Dawn Schroder (Dawn) Justin Williams (Mark)
    127. Gone With the Wind (2) Mark Tymchshyn (Ben Rutlege) Michael Damian (Flyman) Mike Jolly (John) Jeff Robie (Peter) Robert Rusler (Neil) Rick Moser (Leon) Edith Diaz (Sal) Flo Di Re (Bobbie) Chip McAllister (Terry)
    128. Man in the Attic Lisa Hunter (Diane)
    129. The Last Drive-In Martin Garner (Mr. Lowell) Moon Unit Zappa (Sondra) Michael Milhoan (Police Officer) Gary Quinn (Richard) Richard Cerenzio (Tim) Cary Stratton (Ralph) Lyla Oliver (Mrs. Miller) Patrick McCollum (Steve) Evan Arnold (Phillip)
    130. Sisters Alex Rocco (Charlie Polniaczek) Marj Dusay (Monica Warner)
    131. It's Lonely at the Top Bill Dana (Mr. Mancuso) Nicolas Coster (David Warner) Dean Hamilton (Garth) Peter DeLuise (Fielding) Marcie Barkin (Miss Burton)
    132. Bus Stop Mitzi Hoag (Evie Green) Kerry Noonan (Ann) Joshua Davis (Lou) George Petrie (Walt)
    133. The Interview Show Judith Cassmore (Beth McNeil) Mark Burke (Robert) Ken Daly (Student #1) David Wakefield (Student #2)

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