A break down of information about they show, year by year. Includes theme songs, guest appearances, did you know facts, bloopers, yearly information, cast by year, exclusive pictures and more.

  • 25th Year Anniversary:
    Inside each page is information on the show year by year, audio and video clips, guest appearances, and mini photo galleries. If you would like to contribute information to the page please email us at

    1978 -- Diff'rent Strokes
    1979 -- The First Year
    1980 -- The Second Year
    1981 -- The Third Year
    1982 -- The Fourth Year
    1983 -- The Fifth Year
    1984 -- The Sixth Year
    1985 -- The Seventh Year
    1986 -- The Eighth Season
    1987 -- The Ninth and Last Year
    1988 to Present Day