Information on the show during the year 1985.

  • Year Information
    Since season six ratings slided, The Facts of Life in the seventh premiere had an unexpected and unpredictable opening. The girls came back from summer vacation finding out Edna's Edibles had been destroyed by a fire that started in the kitchen. All the girls teamed together to help Mrs. Garrett rebuild a new shop (she was tired of Edna's Edibles at the time, plus broke). The new updated 50's malt shop boutique, Over Our Heads, opened in episode 3. In episode 2, the house is shown with a new paint job, the once stained wood with pink and white wallpaper now became white painted wood with blue and tan wallpaper. Since this season marks the beginning of a new era for the show, a new a rock style theme song was added to the credits, as well as clips of every character growing up from the beginning of the show to as they appear now, seven years later. George Clooney joins the cast, as well as Mackenzie Astin (who was seen before in season six only occasionally).

    During The Facts of Life's seventh season, it ranked in the top 50 of the Nielson Television rankings, coming in at number 27. This season beat out seasons 1, 4, 6, 8, and 9.

  • 1985 Cast
    Charlotte Rae -- Mrs. Edna Garrett
    Lisa Whelchel -- Blair Warner
    Kim Fields -- Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey
    Mindy Cohn -- Natalie Green
    Nancy McKeon -- Jo Polniaczek
    George Clooney -- George Burnett
    Mackenzie Astin -- Andy Moffett

  • 1985 Guest Appearances
    Episode Name Guest Star/Character Name
    134. Out Of The Fire... Armin Shimerman (Mr. Smith) Robert DoQui (Jack Humphries)
    135. And Into the Frying Pan Dave Shelley (Zeke Higgins) Richard Brestoff (Armand) Laura Esterman (Ms. Resnick) Jerry Anderson (Jones) Stuart Fratkin (Delivery Boy)
    136. Grand Opening Greg Monaghan (Joe Kramer) Patrick Cleary (Garage Sale Patron) Thomas Hill (Clark) Ruth Gillette (Ruth) Eve Smith (Eve) Douglas Warhit (Otto) Lenora May (Lily) Sarah Abrell (Customer) Paul Comi (Phillips)
    137. Teacher, Teacher Ian Giatti (Stanley) Irene Tedrow (Grace) Joyce Bulifant (Margaret) John DeMita (Mr. Horn) Hakeem Abdul Samad (Ralph) Penina Segall (Emily) Dinah Lacey (Jenny) Jason Bernard (Frank)
    138. Men for All Seasons John D. LeMay (Bruce) Yves Andres Martin (Denny) Jane Kean (Mrs. Andrews) Frances Megan (Jill) Sandra Evigan (Susie)
    139. A New Life Marj Dusay (Monica Warner) Peter Michael Goetz (Fred Burnett)
    140. Doo-Wah El DeBarge (Himself) Murphy Dunne (Barry Egan) Lee Wilson (Stacy) Siedah Garrett (Rhonda) Ray Combs (Technician)
    141. Come Back to the Truck Stop, Natalie Green, Natalie Green Randal Patrick (Bill) Connie Danese (Waitress) Gary Lee Davis (Homer) Charo (Herself)
    142. Born Too Late Elizabeth Kerr (Edna Fisher) Jerome Courshon (Customer)
    143. 3, 2, 1 Suzanne Snyder (Penny Caminiti) Phil Bedrow (Professor Jordan) Bo Anthony (Cam) Kerry Remsen (Stage Manager) Jeffrey Fox (The Director) Bill Collins (The Cameraman)
    144. We Get Letters Anne Jackson (Gwen) Casey King (Jim) Jane Anderson (Karen)
    145. Ballroom Dance Alan Campbell (Chuck) Nat Bernstein (Mr. Nathan) Andre Tayir (Jack Hilkirk) Barbara Arms (Edie Hilkirk) Diane Racine (Mrs. Flynn) Jean Sincere (Mrs. Solomon)
    146. Christmas Baby Marj Dusay (Monica Warner) Patrik Baldauff (Doc) Bill Applebaum (Mitch) Francesca P. Roberts (Vera) Noelle North (Bailey)
    147. Tootie Drives Richard McKenzie (Inspector) Laura Waterbury (Mrs. Crawley) Paul Nesbitt (Mr. Crawley) Jake Jundef (Derek)
    148. Stake-Out Blues Ann Nelson (Sarah) Demetre Phillips (Detective Scott) Arthur Malet (Max) John C. Becher (Everett)
    149. The Agent Jeffrey Joseph (Eddie Davis) Jim McCawley (Himself) Tyler Linkin (Juggler)
    150. The Reunion Elizabeth Keifer (Belinda) Harry Basil (Howie) Mike Pniewski (Crusher) Grant Heslov (Jonathan Spencer)
    151. Concentration Nehemiah Persoff (Sam) Georgia Schmidt (Elderly Woman)
    152. Atlantic City Michael Damian (Flyman) Cynthia Lea Clark (lounge singer) Tom Dreesen (Mr. Julius) Aaron Seville (Colin) B.J. Turner (dealer) Gloria Rusch (Gloria) Ed Galloway (Ed) Kim Morgan Greene (Morgan)
    153. The Lady Who Came to Dinner Betty Kean (Louise Le Beau) Christopher Carroll (Stanley) Cristy Dawson (Francine)
    154. The Candidate Thom Sharp (Mayor Callahan) Michael Orion (Bob) Barry Cutler (Reporter)
    155. Big Time Charlie Alex Rocco (Charlie Polniaczek) Gary Erwin (Delivery Man)
    156. The Graduate Chip Hurd (Diane Ramsey) Noelle Harling (Leslie) Brian Greene (Accordian Player) Stephen Breithaupt (Waiter) Charles Summer (President)
    157. The Apartment Lu Leonard (Estelle) Eugene Lebowitz (Lenny)

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