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Information on the last season of the series.

  • Year Information
    By the time Facts of Life started few people watched the show and few people knew it existed, by the time the series was entering it's ninth season millions of viewers tuned into the show every week, and had became known as the longest running sitcom of the 1980's, longest running all-girl/woman cast, and longest running sitcom on NBC. Today it still hold's its place for longest running sitcom of the 1980's and all-girl/woman cast. The ninth season premeired in the fall of 1987 with the episode Down and Out in Malibu with 20 million viewers country wide. This season marked more changes, during mid-point of the last season Sherrie Krenn (Sherrie Austin) joined the cast as Austrailian Exchange Student, Pippa McKenna and the store Over Our Heads was closed in the Fall of 1987.

    During the February Sweeps, the producers wanted one of the girls to loose her virginity. John Bowab stated, "It was one of those things that you knew had to happen, but not to a facts of life girl." Since sex was a touchy subject on cable compared to present day, they produced the episode "The First Time" where Blair was to loose her virginity. Lisa Whelchel objected and was written out of the show because of her Christian views. "They said it was just a normal part of growing up. I didn’t believe that and I certainly didn’t want to have that rested on my shoulders of some girl complentating that and saying you know Blair did it so it must have been ok." Mindy Cohn spoke up and said, "I totally opted Natalie for the job. I thought she would be perfect." The episode ran a parental advisory before starting, and placed 22nd for the week.

    Also during the last season the show tried to produce many spin-offs, one with Natalie going to New York and live with four crazy people, and as seen in the final episode Blair becoming headmistress and owner of Eastland Academy.The Facts of Life produced 209 episodes and two television movies by the time it was cancelled in September 1988.

    The Facts of Life's ninth and final season ranked in the top 50 of the Nielson Television rankings, coming in at number 37. This seasons ratings beat out season one. The series aired on NBC's Saturday night lineup at 8:00 p.m. NBC still had confidence in the series, making it the 8:00 p.m. anchor, kicking off the network's second-highest rated night (next to Thursdays). With the show still comfortably winning its timeslot, NBC made plans to renew The Facts of Life for a tenth season, but two castmates—Mindy Cohn and Nancy McKeon—chose to leave at the conclusion of season nine.

  • Did you Know
    Kim Fields was opposed to have executives add new cast members to the series, except George Clooney.

    Lisa, Mindy, Nancy, Cloris, Sherrie, Kim, and Mackenzie made a pact to never do a reunion movie at the closing of the series finale unless one of them was on welfare. This pact broke (the cast members weren't on welfare) and the cast reunited in 2001.

    The Facts of Life Down Under was originally called The Facts of Life Goes to Venice, but changed because of war and threats going on in Italy. And Charlotte Rae was included in the original script.

  • 1987 Cast
    Cloris Leachman -- Beverly Ann Stickle
    Lisa Whelchel -- Blair Warner
    Kim Fields -- Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey
    Mindy Cohn -- Natalie Green
    Nancy McKeon -- Jo Polniaczek
    Mackenzie Astin -- Andy Moffett
    Sherrie Krenn -- Pippa McKenna

  • 1987 Guest Appearances
    Episode Name Guest Star/Character Name
    186. Down and Out in Malibu (1) Sandy Simpson (Paul), Johnny Dark (Sergeant Canfield), Nancy Everhard (Cindy Garver), Clyde Kusatsu (Budget Bob), Greg Norberg (Sergeant Wells), Rusty Coleman (Delivery Boy), Richard Moll (Himself)
    187. Down and Out in Malibu (2) Sandy Simpson (Paul), Johnny Dark (Sergeant Canfield), Nancy Everhard (Cindy Garver), Clyde Kusatsu (Budget Bob), Greg Norberg (Sergeant Wells), Rusty Coleman (Delivery Boy), Richard Moll (Himself)
    188. Rumor Has It Franc Luz (Professor Katt), Bonnie Campbell-Britton (Rebecca), Evonne Kezios (Amanda), Charles Summers (Dean Stanton), Frances Megan (Jane), Judson Allen (Scott Travis), David Arnott (Nick Drexler)
    189. Before the Fall Patrick Cronin (Chris Morgan), Renée Props (Jody), Sarina C. Grant (Sgt. McNamara), Dennis Haysbert (Sgt. Evans)
    190. Sweet Charity Paul Provenza (Casey Clark), Bumper Robinson (Todd), Elmarie Wendel (Jackie)
    191. Up from Down Under Michael Preston (Kevin McKenna), Ken Lerner (Max), Troy Evans (Police Officer)
    192. The More the Marrier Claude Brooks (Rudy), Paul Provenza (Casey Clark), Robert Romanus (Snake), Todd Hollowell (Jeff), Clarence Gilyard Jr. (Matt), Donald Gibb (Wendell)
    193. A Rose by Any Other Age Jeff Allen (Larry Preston)
    194. Adventures in Baileysitting Marj Dusay (Monica Warner), Evelyn Guerrero (Mrs. Martinzez), Ashleigh Sterling (Bailey), Sabrina Wiener (Little Girl)
    195. It's a Wonderful Christmas Chuck McCann (Santa Claus), Don Dolan (Police Officer)
    196. Golden Oldies Bill Macy (Harold)
    197. A Thousand Frowns Paul Provenza (Casey Clark), Scott Bryce (Rick Bonner)
    198. Something in Common Alex Rocco (Charlie Polniaczek), Scott Bryce (Rick Bonner)
    199. Peekskill Law Franc Lutz (Richard Katt), Alan Autry (Clark Darrin), James Staley (Barkley), Tony Steedman (Judge), Kathleen Connell (Secretary), John Wesley (Crandall)
    200. A House Divided Todd Hollowell (Jeff), Robert Romanus (Snake), John Del Regno (Ralph)
    201. The First Time Robert Romanus (Snake)
    202. Let's Face the Music Peter Marc Jacobson (Mr. Wayne), Warren Burton (Sergio Pavan), John Kassir (Andre), Tuesday Knight (Amy), Hannah Cutrona (Meena)
    203. Less Than Perfect Paul Provenza (Casey Clark), Ron Fassler (Dr. Nichols), Catherine Paolone (Nurse)
    204. Till Marriage Do Us Part Scott Bryce (Rick Bonner), Todd Hollowell (Jeff), John Ingle (Minister), Twyla Littleton (Wanda), Paul Provenza (Casey Clark), Alex Rocco (Charlie Polniaczek), Robert Romanus (Snake)
    205. Present Imperfect Beah Richards (Grandmother), Todd Hollowell (Jeff), Devon Odessa (Alexis), Cindi Dietrich (Karen), Nicky Katt (Mark), Gregory "Mars" Martin (Larry), Mike Finnerman (Delivery Man)
    206. On the Edge Alexandra Borrie (Sandy), Suzanne Krull (Melissa), Jane Dulo (Mrs. Beets), John Harnagel (Police Officer), Sonya Winton (Annie), Sidney Chankin (Mr. White)
    207. Big Apple Blues Richard Grieco (Ben), Michele Little (Claire), Terrah Smith (Nina), David Spade (Scott)
    208. The Beginning of the End Seth Green (Adam Brinkerhoff), Sam Behrens (Wes Mitchell), Kathleen Freeman (Noreen Grisbee), Nicolas Coster (David Warner), Mayim Bialik (Jennifer Cole), Juliette Lewis (Terry Rankin), Meredith Scott Lynn (Ashley Payne), Marissa Mendenhall (Sam Bellanger), Jason Naylor (Beldon Glover), Danny Dayton (Mr. Avery), Richard Mehana (Mr. Plimpton), Patrick T. O'Brien (Mr. Copeland), Shirley Prestia (Miss O'Donnell), Sal Viscuso (Frank Payne), John Welsh (Mr. Morehead)
    209. The Beginning of the Beginning Sam Behrens (Wes Mitchell), Seth Green (Adam Brinkerhoff), Kathleen Freeman (Noreen Grisbee), Scott Bryce (Rick Bonner), Mayim Bialik (Jennifer Cole), Juliette Lewis (Terry Rankin), Meredith Scott Lynn (Ashley Payne), Marissa Mendenhall (Sara Bellanger), Jason Naylor (Beldon Glover), John Buchanan (Steve), Ross Jolly (The Guy), Lawrence Lowe (Man in Chicken Suit), LaRue Stanley (Waitress)

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