Reunion Photo Gallery One
Pictures from behind the scenes of the movie.

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Lights, Camera, Action! Blair Warner all wet. Blair Warner and her husband, Tad. Blair Warner and her husband, Tad. Blair Warner entering downstairs main room of her inn. Blair Warner working on her laptop computer.
Exterior of Blair Warner's Inn. WOW! This is a recreation of the same exact model of the Cafeteria they used in the series. Are they sure it isn't the same? :) The only thing that will be missing in the movie is the pay phone from the lounge. The Call Sheet for the show. Camera's A and B. Charlotte, Kim, Lisa, and Mindy's director chairs from the movie. Mrs. Garrett (Charlotte Rae) and Jamie, Jo's daughter (Mallory Margel).
Charlotte Rae reading her script. Clancy Cauble, Lisa Whelchel's daughter, is in the restaurant scene. Look for her in the background in the movie. The girls pose in front of an Eastland Billboard sign. The fight scene. Lisa getting ready for the final shooting. Kim, Lisa, and Mindy
Kim, Lisa, and Mindy Lisa getting her Blair hair color. Jo's daughter Jamie (Mallory Margel) and Dorothy's daughter. Kim Fields (Dorothy, Tootie) in front of Blair's Inn. Kim Fields laughing. Kim posing for the camera.

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