Information on the show during the year 1982.

  • Year Information
    While the Facts of Life's ratings were at an all time high the third season, producers and directors decided to keep the same format (since it was so successful) for the forth season. This season solved more problems at Eastland than the previous three years. Storylines revolved around the four girls and their families. Blair had problems with her father and his tax return, Jo and Blair with their arguing parents at graduation,and finally Jo's money problems with moving onto college the next year. Since Blair and Jo are now seniors and will be graduating Eastland in the Spring (1983), producers and directors pitch many ideas about how the show should once again evolve with two of the girls exiting Eastland and becoming young college women. At the end of season four, Blair and Jo applied to nearby Langley College and got accepted.

    During The Facts of Life's forth season, it ranked in the top 50 of the Nielson Television rankings, coming in at number 32. This is the 4th lowest rated rank beating out season one, six, and nine.

  • Did You Know!

  • In 1982, Lisa was nominated Best Young Comedienne - Motion Picture or Television.

    Margaret Hamilton was originally intended to portray Marie Thornwell in the episode "The Oldest Living Graduate." Ms. Hamilton is better known as the actress who played the Wicked Witch on The Wizard of Oz.

  • 1982 Cast
    Charlotte Rae -- Mrs. Edna Garrett
    Lisa Whelchel -- Blair Warner
    Kim Fields -- Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey
    Mindy Cohn -- Natalie Green
    Nancy McKeon -- Jo Polniaczek
    Geri Jewell -- Geri Tyler (occasional)
    Roger Perry -- Headmaster Mr. Parker (occasional)

  • 1982 Guest Appearances
    Episode Name Guest Star/Character Name
    58. Ain't Miss Beholden Cheryl Epps (Terry), Jill Tandy (Girl #1)
    59. The Source Roger Perry (Mr. Parker) Lisa Lucas (Annie) Cheryl Epps (Terry) Dawn Schroder (Jenny)
    60.The Sound of Silence Loren Lester (Roy) Geri Jewell (Geri Tyler)
    61.The Oldest Living Graduate Roger Perry (Mr. Parker) Amzie Strickland (Marie Thornwell)
    62. Different Drummer Thomas Byrd (Leo) Loren Lester (Roy)
    63. Dearest Mommy Mitzi Hoag (Evie Green) Susan Blackstone (Brenda) Kimberly Craig (Girl #1)
    64. A Woman's Place Dean Simone (Doug) Pierrino Mascarino (Garo)
    65. Daddy's Girl Nicolas Coster (David Warner) Kenneth Tigar (Mr. Garfield)
    66. The Big Fight David Ackroyd (Major Dorsey) Jimmy Baio (Buzz Ryan) Eddie Deezen (Grusky) Peter Frechette (Knight) Bill Galligan ("Mongo" Morahn) Crispin Glover (Cadet #1) Ben Marley (Hank) John P. Navin, Jr. (Alfred) David Raynr (Chip) Barbara Stock (Nurse Barton)
    67. For The Asking Brian Robbins (Ben) Marc Jefferson (Boy #1)
    68. September Song Murray Matheson (Henry)
    69. A Royal Pain Heather McAdam (Alexandra) Patrick Horgan (Alphonso) Jimmy Baron (Greg)
    70. Magnificent Obsession Gary Hudson (Chad Broxton)
    71. Under Pressure Roger Perry (Mr. Parker) Johnny Haymer (Officer Franklin)
    72. Teacher's Pet Deborah Harmon (Gail) Susan Blackstone (Brenda) Edna Dix (Miss Barnett) Geri Jewell (Geri Tyler)
    73.Let's Party! Michael Harrington (Paul) Kyle T. Heffner (George)
    74. Best Sister Part One Eve Plumb (Meg Warner)
    75. Best Sister Part Two Eve Plumb (Meg Warner) Jon Caliri (Jason)
    76. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Roger Til (Chef Antoine) Cynthia Latham (Mme. Gerarde) Maurice Marsac (Louie) Lilyan Chauvin (Marie)
    77. Who's On First Jeffrey Rogers (Gil) Dawn Schroder (Jenny) Cheryl Epps (Terry)
    78. Help From Home Alex Rocco (Charlie Polniaczek), Claire Malis (Rose Polniaczek), Rhoda Gemignani (Evelyn) Ralph Manza (Mr. Balducci) Fritzi Burr (Mrs. Waldman) Heather McAdam (Alexandra) Laura Summer (Emily)
    79. Take My Finals, Please No Guest Appearances
    80. Graduation Part One Geri Jewell (Geri Tyler) Heather McAdam (Alexandra) Marj Dusay (Monica Warner) Loren Lester (Roy) Laura Summer (Emily) Pamela Cohn (Lisa) Alan Bardsley (Delivery Boy) Alex Rocco (Charlie Polniaczek), Claire Malis (Rose Polniaczek)
    81. Graduation Part Two Geri Jewell (Geri Tyler) Marj Dusay (Monica Warner) Loren Lester (Roy) Laura Summer (Emily) Pamela Cohn (Lisa) Jill Mallorie (Bonnie) Alex Rocco (Charlie Polniaczek), Claire Malis (Rose Polniaczek)

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