The set is school cafeteria. Most memorable episode in season four is entitled "Take My Finals, Please."

Episode Name Description/Guest Stars Picture
Facts of Life Goes To Paris

Episode: 54, 55, 56, 57

Sep 25, 82
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Ain't Miss Beholden

Episode: 58

Sep 29, 82
Although Jo's scholarship is ending, she won't accept aid from Blair's family foundation.

Guest Stars: Cheryl Epps (Terry), Jill Tandy (Girl #1)
The Source

Episode: 59

Oct 06, 82
Natalie fabricates her source for an article on a schoolmate's abortion, then risks expulsion for refusing to reveal the non-existent girl's name to the furning headmaster.

Guest Stars: Roger Perry (Mr. Parker), Lisa Lucas (Annie), Cheryl Epps (Terry), Dawn Schroder (Jenny)
The Sound of Silence

Episode: 60

Oct 27, 82
Tootie refuses to get help for a hearing problem that's affecting both her behavior and her grades.

Guest Stars: Loren Lester (Roy), Geri Jewell (Geri Tyler)
The Oldest Living Graduate

Episode: 61

Nov 03, 82
Jo interviews the school's oldest living graduate, who's so taken with the girl that she cuts the school out of her will and leaves her fortune to Jo.

Guest Stars: Roger Perry (Mr. Parker), Amzie Strickland (Marie Thornwell)
Different Drummer

Episode: 62

Nov 10, 82
Blair's motives are called into question when she develops a friendship with a handsome and retarded admirer.

Guest Stars: Thomas Byrd (Leo), Loren Lester (Roy)
Dearest Mommy

Episode: 63

Nov 17, 82
Natalie finds her natural mother, with understanding assistance from her adopitve mom.

Guest Stars: Mitzi Hoag (Evie Green), Susan Blackstone (Brenda), Kimberly Craig (Girl #1)
A Woman's Place

Episode: 64

Nov 24, 82
Jo and the mechanic she works with on weekends are hitting on all cylinders, but he blows a gasket when she's promoted over him.

Guest Stars: Dean Simone (Doug), Pierrino Mascarino (Garo)
Daddy's Girl

Episode: 65

Dec 01, 82
Blair faces an embarassing tax audit after she blithely signs a tax return prepared by her father who was fudging on his taxes.

Guest Stars: Nicolas Coster (David Warner), Kenneth Tigar (Mr. Garfield)
Academy II

Episode: 66

Dec 08, 82
Cadet from the nearby military academy asks Natalie to a boxing match. He's fighting to impress Natalie and his dad, even though he's hopelessly outmatched.

Guest Stars: David Ackroyd (Major Dorsey), Jimmy Baio (Buzz Ryan), Eddie Deezen (Grusky), Peter Frechette (Knight), Bill Galligan ("Mongo" Morahn), Crispin Glover (Cadet #1), Ben Marley (Hank), John P. Navin, Jr. (Alfred), David Raynr (Chip), Barbara Stock (Nurse Barton)
For The Asking

Episode: 67

Dec 15, 82
Natalie stubbornly maintains a vociferous boycott of the Sadie Hawkins Day Dance on the grounds it's "male chauvenistic manipulation."

Guest Stars: Brian Robbins (Ben), Marc Jefferson (Boy #1)
September Song

Episode: 68

Dec 22, 82
A charming 70 yr. old proposes to Mrs. Garrett, but the girls protest he's much too old for her.

Guest Stars: Murray Matheson (Henry)
A Royal Pain

Episode: 69

Jan 05, 83
A new student arrives with mixed credentials: she's a princess and a habitual runaway and she's already planning her next escape.

Guest Stars: Heather McAdam (Alexandra), Patrick Horgan (Alphonso), Jimmy Baron (Greg)
Magnificent Obsession

Episode: 70

Jan 12, 83
Blair makes a fool of herself over a young heel who treats her like an old shoe. Blair's behavior toward her new boyfriend could cost her self respect and her best friends.

Guest Stars: Gary Hudson (Chad Broxton)
Under Pressure

Episode: 71

Jan 19, 83
The girls spin a tangled web of lies in their eagerness to prevent Mrs. Garrett's slightly elevated blood pressure from going any higher.

Guest Stars: Roger Perry (Mr. Parker), Johnny Haymer (Officer Franklin)
Teacher's Pet

Episode: 72

Jan 26, 83
Purely by chance, Jo learns that a young teacher and close friend has decided to exit Eastland.

Guest Stars: Deborah Harmon (Gail), Susan Blackstone (Brenda), Edna Dix (Miss Barnett), Geri Jewell (Geri Tyler)
Let's Party

Episode: 73

Feb 09, 83
The hazzards of drinking and driving are driven home to the girls when they go to a pizza party thrown for them by Tootie's brother.

Guest Stars: Michael Harrington (Paul), Kyle T. Heffner (George)
Best Sister

Episode: 74, 75

Feb 16, 23, '83
Blair's gadabout sister stuns everyone with her decision to become a nun: and Jo returns from a Yale weekend with stunning news of her own.

Guest Stars: Eve Plumb (Meg Warner), Jon Caliri (Jason)
Guess What's Coming To Dinner

Episode: 76

Mar 09, 83
Mrs. Garrett is delighted to see her Parisian friend Chef Antoine until he dashes off to town, sticking her with his wife, brother, and mother who don't speak any English.

Guest Stars: Roger Til (Chef Antoine), Cynthia Latham (Mme. Gerarde), Maurice Marsac (Louie), Lilyan Chauvin (Marie)
Who's On First

Episode: 77

Mar 30, 83
Tootie is hurt when her best friend Natalie becomes preoccupied with a new boyfriend.

Guest Stars: Jeffrey Rogers (Gil), Dawn Schroder (Jenny), Cheryl Epps (Terry)
Help From Home

Episode: 78

apr 06, 83
Jo refuses a partial scholarship to a prestigious college because the remaining tuition would still work too much of a hardship on her family. Her father sells his '66 Mustang to pay for her first years tuition at Langley.

Guest Stars: Alex Rocco (Charlie Polniaczek), Claire Malis (Rose Polniaczek), Rhoda Gemignani (Evelyn), Ralph Manza (Mr. Balducci), Fritzi Burr (Mrs. Waldman), Heather McAdam (Alexandra), Laura Summer (Emily)
Take My Finals Please

Episode: 79

Apr 27, 83
Mrs. Garrett rides hard on an all-night study session for Blair, Jo, Natalie, and Tootie- cramming together for finals for the last time.

No Guest Appearances

Episode: 80, 81

May 4, 83
It's graduation day, signaling the departure of Blair and Jo for college. Although they'll be only 20 minutes away, Natalie and Tootie become increasingly testy and tearful during preparations for the ceremonies.

Guest Stars: Geri Jewell (Geri Tyler), Marj Dusay (Monica Warner), Loren Lester (Roy), Laura Summer (Emily), Pamela Cohn (Lisa), Heather McAdam (Alexandra), Alan Bardsley (Delivery Boy), Jill Mallorie (Bonnie), Alex Rocco (Charlie Polniaczek), Claire Malis (Rose Polniaczek)

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