Information on the show during the year 1983.

  • Year Information
    With Blair and Jo now graduated from Eastland writers and producers pitched and idea about evolving the sitcom once again. This season premiere of the Facts of Life introduced Mrs. Garrett's oldest son, Raymond. With Edna not being happy at Eastland, Raymond buys her a closed deli with house attached. Towards the end of the episode Edna agrees to open a gourmet food shop called Edna's Edibles. The girls Blair, Jo, Natalie and Tootie move in the attic to work at Mrs. Garrett's shop. Writer Margie Peters stated, "We thought this would help get the girls out into the world a little, and bring interesting people in the shop." This season mainly centered around the girls learning the life of working. The shop failed a health inspection, its first catering job, was vanelized, shoplifted, and on another note the girls illegally broke into another businesses program and erased it.

    During The Facts of Life's fifth season, it ranked in the top 25 of the Nielson Television rankings, coming in at number 24. This is the lowest rated rank beating out all other seasons and tieing with season three.

  • Did you Know
    Geri Jewell's last appearance is in the episode "All By Herself" mainly because the producers didn't want the show to get too preachy.

    Chip Fields Hurd is Kim Fields (Tootie/Dorothy) biological and Facts of Life mother. Also Tooties mother's name in the episode "Mother and Daughter" is Pauline Ramsey, later in season seven in the episode "The Graduate" her name is Diane Ramsey.

  • 1983 Cast
    Charlotte Rae -- Mrs. Edna Garrett
    Lisa Whelchel -- Blair Warner
    Kim Fields -- Dorothy "Tootie" Ramsey
    Mindy Cohn -- Natalie Green
    Nancy McKeon -- Jo Polniaczek
    Pamela Segall -- Kelly Affanto (occasional)
    Geri Jewell -- Geri Tyler (occasional)
    Roger Perry -- Headmaster Mr. Parker (occasional)

  • 1983 Guest Appearances
    Episode Name Guest Star/Character Name
    82. Brave New World Part One Roger Perry (Mr. Parker) Joel Brooks (Raymond Garrett) David Tiefen (Guy) Harriet Ikenson (Female Card Player) Richard Kantor (Male Card Player)
    83. Brave New World Part Two Roger Perry (Mr. Parker) Kres Mersky (Miss Aames) David Tiefen (Guy)
    84. Gamma Gamma or Bust Jami Gertz (Boots St. Clair) Jennifer Barlow (Alicia)
    85. Just My Bill Peter Nelson (William Ogden Smith IV) Frank Aletter (Mr. Smith) Joan Freeman (Mrs. Smith) Rene Assa (Jacques)
    86. What Price Glory Geri Jewell (Geri Tyler) Todd Hollowell (Jeff)
    87. The Halloween Show Ian Wolfe (Mr. Bigley) Stephanie Ridel (Gretal) Sean de Veritch (Hansel) Loren Lester (Roy)
    88. Advance Placement Jami Gertz (Boots St. Clair) David Tiefen (Guy) Jennifer Barlow (Alicia) Lee Arnone (Customer #1) Kerry Michaels (Customer #2) Roger Perry (Mr. Parker)
    89. I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can Woody Brown (Cliff) Philip Charles MacKenzie (Emcee) Larry Poindexter (Ken) Dan Peterson (Maitre d') Read Scott (Cowboy) Roger Menache (Fireman Freddie) Hodari Sababu (Officer Bob)
    90. Small But Dangerous Larry Wilmore (Officer Ziaukus) Bob Tzudiker (Customer)
    91. Store Games William Windom (Pete Dawson) Nancy Lenehan (Customer) Larry Wilmore (Officer Ziaukes)
    92. The Second Time Around Alex Rocco (Charlie Polniaczek), Claire Malis (Rose Polniaczek)
    93. The Christmas Show Ian Wolfe (Mr. Lazzeroni) Bob Tzudiker (Customer)
    94. The Chain Letter Peter Hobbs (Mr. Stevens)
    95. Next Door Jean Smart (Ellen Slater) Taliesin Jaffe (Danny Slater) Cliff Norton (Mr. Hanson)
    96. Crossing The Line Todd Hollowell (Jeff) Peter Parros (Michael) Rob Stone (Harvey)
    97. All or Nothing Jami Gertz (Boots St. Clair) Erica Yohn (Loube) Fred Holliday (Hal) Tom Wilson (Moose) Shannon Holt (Ashley) Joel Davison (Roger) Bruce Penhall (Steve) John Randolph (Ward Beaumont)
    98. A Death in the Family Mitzi Hoag (Evie Green) John Shearin (Dr. Perkins) Edith Fields (Mrs. Block) Danna Hansen (Mrs. Kravitz) Walter Mathews (Golfer) Patricia Wilson (Woman) Molly Picon (Grandma Mona)
    99. Big Fish/Little Fish Dori Keller (Skip) Danny Scott (Hal) Ellen Wheeler (Cathy)
    100. Star At Langley Geri Jewell (Geri Tyler) Woody Brown (Cliff) Robyn Bernard (Heather Hunt) Jami Gertz (Boots St. Clair) David Tiefen (Guy)
    101. Dream Marriage Woody Brown (Cliff) Paul Tompkins (Phillip)
    102. Mother And Daughter Chip Fields Hurd (Pauline Ramsey)
    103. All By Herself Geri Jewell (Geri Tyler) Kip King (Florist) Ernie Sabella (Husband) Susan Davis (Winifred Morris) Mary Burkin (Customer)
    104. Seems Like Old Times Clark Brandon (Eddie Brennan) Paul Keith (Delivery Man)
    105. Joint Custody Joel Brooks (Raymond Garrett) Kim Darby (Doris Garrett)
    106. The Way We Were Part 1 No Guest Appearances
    107. The Way We Were Part 2 No Guest Appearances

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