Season Two Episodes (September 29, 1983 - April 07, 1984)
The most memorable episode in season two is entitled "Rashomama."

Episode Name Description/Guest Stars Picture
Flaming Forties

Episode: 14

Sep 29, 1983
Buzz and Sonja are the organizers of a dance to raise funds to build a new gym at the high school.

Guest Stars: Marcus Vaughter (Punker #1 (as Marc Vaughter)), Marcus Vaughter (Punker #1), Brendan Kinkade (Punker #2)
The Return of Leonard Oates

Episode: 15

Oct 13, 1983
Naomi's Ex-husband, Leonard Oates returns to ask her to marry him.

Guest Stars: Jerry Reed (Leonard Oates)
Country Club

Episode: 16

Oct 20, 1983
Ellen announces she has been given the "Woman of the Year" award at the Raytown Country Club. Ellen is unaware that Mayor Tutwiller invited Mama and the family along as a surprise for the celebration.

Guest Stars: Alan Oppenheimer (Mayor Tutwiller), Betty White (Ellen Jackson)
Naomi and the Stork

Episode: 17

Oct 27, 1983
Naomi's hoping she is pregnant.

Guest Stars: Don Keller (Doctor)

Episode: 18

Nov 3, 1983
Mama gets hit in the head with a pot while her, Naomi, Eunice, and Ellen are making jam. Vint tries to find out who hit Mama with the pot.

Guest Stars: Betty White (Ellen Jackson), Carol Burnett (Eunice Higgins)
Obscene Call

Episode: 19

Nov 10, 1983
The Harpers are recieving obscene phone calls from a stranger and blame Naomi because of her personality.

Guest Stars: Ted Zeigler (Sam)
Ellen's Boyfriend

Episode: 20

Nov 17, 1983
Ellen dates a younger man and doesn't want her family to know about the age difference.

Guest Stars: Gary Hudson (Glen), Betty White (Ellen Jackson)
Gert Rides Again

Episode: 21

Dec 1, 1983
Mama's cousin Gert was once a sprited woman, but time in an old folks home has left her lifeless.

Guest Stars: Imogene Coca (Gert Corey), Jack Gilford (Alvin Thompson), Barbara Stuart (The Nurse)
Amateur Night

Episode: 22

Dec 08, 1983
Vint performs at the Bigger Jigger for Amateur night, and later gets a big head about himself when he realizes he's a hit.

Guest Stars: Bobby Ramsen (Buck)
The Mama Who Came to Dinner

Episode: 23

Dec 22, 1983
Mama disrupts Naomi's and Vint's party.

Guest Stars: Bridget Hanley (Nita Peterson), John Edwards (Butch Peterson), James Staley (Roy Ortell), Michole Mercurio (Mar'sue Ortell)
Mama Learns to Drive

Episode: 24

Jan 7, 1984
The family is tired of driving Mama around so she attempts to learn how to drive.

Guest Stars: Gary Allen (The Clerk), Betty White (Ellen Jackson)
Black Belt Mama

Episode: 25

Jan 14, 1984
Mama gets mugged and starts attending classes with Sonya, Naomi and Fran for self-defense.

Guest Stars: Marshall Teague (Chuck)
Mama Buys a Car

Episode: 26

Jan 21, 1984
Mama buys a lemon from the dealership and wants to return it.

Guest Stars: Fred Willard (Willie Potts), Robert Rockwell (Oscar Babcock)

Episode: 27

Feb 4 1984
Mama gets a job at Food Circus as customer consultant.

Guest Stars: Kelley Wright (Rita), Squire Fridell (Frank Palmer), Lyla Graham (Mavis), Ted Zeigler (Sam)
No Room at the Inn

Episode: 28

Feb 11 1984
It's Vint and Naomi's first wedding anniversary and Vint prepares by reserving two days and one night at a kinky hotel out of town.

No Guest Appearances
Mama for Mayor Part 1

Episode: 29

Feb 18 1984
Mama decides to run for Raytown Mayor.

Guest Stars: Alan Oppenheimer (Mayor Calvin Tutwiller), Troy Evans (Local Announcer), Stanley Grover (Network Announcer), Lonna Montrose (Betty Ahern), Brad Trumbull (Ed Sumac), Marian Mercer (Felicia), Betty White (Ellen)
Mama for Mayor Part 2

Episode: 30

Feb 25 1984
Mama takes over as Mayor and it soon becomes clear she is unprepared for the job.

Guest Stars: Alan Oppenheimer (Mayor Calvin Tutwiller), Brad Trumbull (Ed Sumac), Lonna Montrose (Betty Ahern), Troy Evans (Announcer), Marian Mercer (Felicia), Betty White (Ellen)
Harper Versus Harper

Episode: 31

Mar 10 1984
The Harpers go to court when Mama borrows Naomi's vacuum cleaner and destroys her carpet, a key chain, plus the vacuum cleaner.

Guest Stars: Michael Constantine (The Judge)
Mama's Birthday

Episode: 32

Mar 17 1984
It's Mama's birthday and she doesn't a celebration, instead she'd like her family to help her clean the attic.

Guest Stars: Vicki Lawrence (Grandma Crowley), Amy O'Neill (Little Ellen Harper), David Friedman (Little Vint), Tanya Fenmore (Little Eunice), Betty White (Ellen Jackson), Ritchard Brinckley (Bert Wembly), Debra Duggan (Florence), Annie O'Donnell (Ruth), Carol Burnett (Voice of Eunice), Harvey Korman (Voice of Carl Harper)
Mama Cries Uncle

Episode: 33

Mar 24 1984
Thelma's long lost Brother-in-Law Roy Harper shows up out of nowhere, on Carl's birthday.

Guest Stars: Murray Hamilton (Uncle Roy Harper)
Ask Aunt Fran

Episode: 34

Mar 31 1984
Fran gets a fill-in job as a an advice columnist and asks Mama for help. Mama has the gift of gab and Fran isn't too pleased.

Guest Stars: Conrad Janis (Dwight Nettles)
A Grave Mistake

Episode: 35

Apr 7 1984
Mama visits her husbands grave and notices her spot next to Carl is already taken by another woman.

Guest Stars: Cliff Osmond (Mr. Pratt), Steve Nevil (Michael), Betty White (Ellen)

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