Season Three Episodes (June 06, 1986 - Jan 16, 1987)
The most memorable episode in season three is entitled "Farewell Frannie."

Episode Name Description/Guest Stars Picture
Soup to Nuts

Episode: 36

Jun 6, 1986
Mama is the editor of the years church bazaar cookbook, she plans to use her own recipe for Chili. Iola and Naomi are upset because Mama thinks her chili is the best, so they have a contest with Vint as the judge. NOTE: Beverly Archer's first episode.

No Guest Appearances
Farewell Frannie

Episode: 37

Jun 13, 1986
Mama's sister, Frannie, has just passed away, and even if she can't bring herself to tell how Frannie actually died, and Mama tries to make this the perfect day for Fran. NOTE: This episode is sometimes noted as the first syndicated episode.

Guest Stars: Earl Boen (Reverend Meechum), Brent Spiner (Mr. Conroy), Dorothy Van (Aunt Effie)
Where There's a Will

Episode: 38

Jun 20 1986
The family finds out Fran had a will and the catch is for them to get the 31,500 dollars, Mama must keep her temper for two weeks or the money will goto the "Ray of Hope Home for Wayward Girls."

Guest Stars: Ralph Manza (Larwin P. Finstadler)
National Mama

Episode: 39

Jun 27, 1986
Mama's dreams are the predictions of the winning horse at the races and the family needs her help.

Guest Stars: Gil Stratton (The Announcer)
Best Medicine

Episode: 40

Jul 4 1986
Ellen goes to the hospital for a tummy-tuck, but the family thinks she is dieing. NOTE: This episode marks Betty White's last appearence as Ellen.

Guest Stars: Susan Barnes (The Nurse), Betty White (Ellen Jackson)
Fly Naomi

Episode: 41

Jul 18, 1986
After seeing an advertisement in the newspaper, Naomi decides to attend school to be trained as a flight attendant.

No Guest Appearances
Cat's Meow

Episode: 42

Aug 1, 1986
Iola's cat Midnight dies, and being depressed she buy a model cat that meows.

No Guest Appearances
An Ill Wind

Episode: 43

Aug 8, 1986
A tornado theatens the Harpers on Thanksgiving Day.

No Guest Appearances
Mama and Dr. Brothers

Episode: 44

Aug 15, 1986
Vint and Naomi are having trouble in the bedroom, while Vint is afraid he's gonna lose his job, with Kwik Keys being taken over by a large corporation. Mama and Iola soon discover exactly what it is when they turn on Good Morning Raytown, and special guest Dr. Joyce Brothers agrees to take a few phone calls live on-air.

Guest Stars: Dr. Joyce Brothers (Herself), Wayne Morton (Eddie Edwards)
Steal One, Pearl Two

Episode: 45

Aug 22, 1986
Iola's pearls become missing and the blame turns to Bubba because he bought a new drum set.

Guest Stars: Jack Dodson (Gus)
The Love Letter

Episode: 46

Aug 29, 1986
A love letter for Naomi gets mixed up when a series of events causes the letter to get in the wrong hands.

Guest Stars: Bill Wiley (George)
Grandma USA

Episode: 47

Sep 26, 1986
Mama becomes a contestant on the Grandma USA Pagent.

Guest Stars: Wayne Morton (Eddie Edwards), Betty Bunch (Contestant #1), Rosemarie Costellano (Contestant #2), Joy Claussen (Contestant #3), Nancy Marlow (Contestant #4), Pamela Morris (Contestant #5), Micki Varro (Contestant #6), Francine York (Contestant #7)
Where's There's Smoke

Episode: 48

Oct 3, 1986
Mama is going for President of the Church Ladies League, and things go wrong when a jailmate of Bubba's (Bonita Rokeke) escaped and is in the Harper house.

Guest Stars: Earl Boen (Reverend Meechum), Yeardley Smith (Bonita Rokeke), Anne Haney (Alberta Meechum)
Desperately Seeking Anyone

Episode: 49

Oct 10, 1986
Mama and Naomi hook Iola up with a mystery man from the personals column in the newspaper.

Guest Stars: Jack Manning (Ralph Washburn)
Porn Again

Episode: 50

Oct 17, 1986
Mama, Iola, and Aunt Effie try to boycott Food Circus after finding out they are selling porn to minors.

Guest Stars: Dorothy Van (Aunt Effie), Helen Page Camp (Pearl), Joan McMurtrey (Maggie)
Santa Mama

Episode: 51

Oct 24, 1986
Vinton is chosen to play Santa at the Raytown Mall. However, with too much practice, he loses his voice and Mama fills in as Santa Claus.

Guest Stars: Unavailable
Have It Mama's Way

Episode: 52

Oct 31, 1986
Mama and Bubba get a job together at a fast-food restaurant.

Guest Stars: William Frankfather (Lester) Glen Ash (Bud) Ben Hartigan (Pops) Lyndsey Fields (Sue)

Episode: 53

Nov 7, 1986
Vint becomes convinced that he was adopted by Thelma Harper.

Guest Stars: Bibi Osterwald (Mrs. Minter)
Fangs Alot, Mama

Episode: 54

Nov 14, 1986
Vint sees The Mystical Order of the Cobra, a local men's club and tries to join by cliff-notes.

Guest Stars: Lewis Arquette (Grand Viper), Brent Spiner (Billy Bob)
Mama's Cousin

Episode: 55

Nov 21, 1986
Mama's worldly cousin (Vicki Lawrence in a dual role) annoys Mama with her neverending stories.

Guest Stars: Vicki Lawrence (Cousin Lydia)
Buck Private Bubba

Episode: 56

Dec 6, 1986
Bubba enlists in the army and Mama isn't very thrilled.

Guest Stars: Donald May (Sergeant Gibbs), Heidi Helmer (Melanie Noble), Tim Conway, Jr. (Recruit #1), Calvin Mason (Recruit #2)
Mama With The Golden Arm

Episode: 57

Dec 12, 1986
Mama emerges as a contender in an arm-wrestling competition.

Guest Stars: Bill Kirchenbauer (Floyd), John Carroll Lynch (Waiter), Kathleen Freeman (Big Joan McCall), Nicholas Worth (Big John McCall)
It Takes Two to Watusi

Episode: 58

Dec 19, 1986
Naomi's divorced friend, Luann, falls for Bubba.

Guest Stars: Jennifer Richards (Luann Fayette)
After the Fall

Episode: 59

Jan 9, 1987
Aunt Effie had a fall and she is in a trance like state. Mama brings her home to help cure her.

Guest Stars: Dorothy Van (Aunt Effie)
The Best Policy

Episode: 60

Jan 16, 1987
Mama and Iola think Naomi is trying to kill Vint for insurance money.

Guest Stars: George McDaniel (Stony Hall)

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