Season Five Episodes (September 23, 1988 - April 27, 1989)
The fifth season of the show. The most memorable episode in season five is entitled "Mama Makes Three."

Episode Name Description/Guest Stars Picture
Baby Talk

Episode: 86

Sep 23, 1988
Vint and Naomi try to have a baby, and Mama tries to stick them with watching a friend's baby.

Guest Stars: Tom Williams (Baby Crier)
Ladies Choice

Episode: 87

Sep 30, 1988
Mama battles Iola for the Church Ladies League Presidency.

Guest Stars: Anne Haney (Alberta Meechum), Doris Hess (Lolly Purdue)
Naomi's New Position

Episode: 88

Oct 7, 1988
When a new manager takes over at Food Circus, Naomi thinks she's on the verge of getting a promotion to Assistant Manager. Problem is there are several job requirements that she didn't count on when she applied for the job. Like having to make it with Mr Woods.

Guest Stars: Jeff Silverman (Mr. Archie Woods)
The Really Loud Family

Episode: 89

Oct 21, 1988
Bubba films the Harpers for a school project.

No Guest Appearances
Many Unhappy Returns

Episode: 90

Oct 28, 1988
On Mama's birthday she finds a gift that Vints boss wants him to hold on to for his wife. But Mama thinks it's for her after she reads the card and it says "to my darling mother," so she takes it back to the store and exchanges to buy gifts for everyone.

Guest Stars: Unavailable
Found Money

Episode: 91

Nov 4, 1988
Mama visits an automatic teller machine and gives her $800 by mistake.

Guest Stars: Bryan O'Byrne (Mr. Guthrie), Shirley Prestia (Louise Kambeckl), Tom Williams (voice of the Teller Matic)
My Mama, Myself

Episode: 92

Nov 11, 1988
Mama is haunted by visions of her departed mother, who was always trying to run her daughter's life.

Guest Stars: Vicki Lawrence (Grandma Crowley)
Full House

Episode: 93

Nov 18, 1988
Vint (Ken Berry) is wild when Mama joins his poker game---and proves to be an ace player.

Guest Stars: Tommy Bush (Walt Billings), Ray Young ("No Coat" George)
Very Dirty Dancing

Episode: 94

Dec 2, 1988
Vint and Naomi are practicing the latin sizzle for a dance contest. Once at the contest Vint and Naomi tell Mama she should stay sitting cause she gets worn out, so she enters the contest.

Guest Stars: Ron Joseph (Ramon Montenegro), Richard Morof (Chick Minnow)
Bedtime for Bubba

Episode: 95

Dec 16, 1988
Bubba's all night study partner has a curious Thelma snooping around more when she finds a black lace bra in his bed.

Guest Stars: Cathy Colvin (Toni Malone)
What a Dump

Episode: 96

Dec 23, 1988
Mama plays host to the neighborhood block party,where Mayor Tutwiller is set to make a major announcement. Mama thinks he's going to award her the "Golden Troll" award for the best yard in Raytown. But he instead annouces that the city council has voted to make Raylane the new city dump and buy all the houses on the block.

Guest Stars: Alan Oppenheimer (Mayor Tutwiller)
Mama Bell

Episode: 97

Jan 6, 1989
The family gets a new answering machine and Thelma listens to messages about giving an "old lady" away, which she interprets as herself, but is actually for a lost dog.

Guest Stars: Hamilton Camp (voice of Dr. Bishop and Purvis), Roz Witt (voice of Theresa Parker), David Lodge (Dog Barker)
The Big Wheel

Episode: 98

Jan 13, 1989
Mama goes on TV to spin the Big Lottery Wheel.

Guest Stars: Christopher Collins (Larry McCary), Kevin Carr (Chad Parker)
Mama's Layaway Plan

Episode: 99

Jan 20, 1989
Mama goes behind the family's back to spend their vacation money on her over priced funeral. NOTE: This is Dorothy Van's final appearance as Aunt Effie.

Guest Stars:Dorothy Van (Aunt Effie), Roy Stuart (Bradford Wellman)
My Phony Valentine

Episode: 100

Jan 27, 1989
It's Valentine's day and Naomi feels unloved and Vint buying her cheap stuff for doesn't help. Mama and Iola however are busy making hearts for the Valentine's day banquet at the church. Naomi starts bugging Iola about not having a date, so she says she had one but turned it down. Mama then comes up with the story that she too has a date.

Guest Stars: Krista Errickson (Bunny Vanderhaus), David Sederholm (Mel)
More Power to You

Episode: 101

Feb 10, 1989
Mama refuses to pay an electric bill that is incorrect. The family has important events to prepare for but are ruined because Thelma didn't pay the electricity bill.

Guest Stars: Teddy Wilson (Gus)
Mama in One

Episode: 102

Feb 17, 1989
Mama is excited for a weekend by herself with her family away. But once their gone she gets very bored.

No Guest Appearances
April Fools

Episode: 103

Feb 24, 1989
The family and Iola play april jokes on Mama for April Fools day, but she is not amused and tries to get even.

No Guest Appearances
There's No Place Like...No Place

Episode: 104

Mar 2, 1989
In a big mix-up Mama gets mistaken for a homeless person and is thrown in jail. She later discovers her Cousin Cora is among the crowd in the cell.

Guest Stars: Gloria Dorson (Cora), Ray Young (JoJo), Alexander Folk (Mack), Myra Turley (Bag Lady), Albert T. Berry (Bum), Gregory Scott Cummins (Viet Vet), Michelle Mann (Tillie), Kelley Wright (Tillie's Mother)
Reading the Riot Act

Episode: 105

Mar 16, 1989
Thelma's discovers her friend Lolly the CCL President can't read.

Guest Stars: Marge Redmond (Lolly Purdue), Natalie Core (Inez), Patrika Darbo (Florence)
A Taxing Situation

Episode: 106

Vint and Naomi are cheating on their taxes. Thelma finds out she owes money to the government and decides as well to cheat on taxes. Then the family gets a visitor from the IRS.

Guest Stars: Richard McGonagle (Arthur Booth)
The Mama of Invention

Episode: 107

Mar 30, 1989
Iola, Bubba, Naomi, and Vint fall for a fraud scam where a marketing executive finds new inventions to market.

Guest Stars: James Hampton (Keith Wheeler), Allan David Fox (Detective Sneed)
Hate Thy Neighbor

Episode: 108

Apr 13, 1989
Bubba falls in love Terri Gebhart a daughter of Thelma's worst enemy, the next door neighbor.

Guest Stars: Jason Wingreen (Fred Gebhart), Heidi Kozak (Terri Gebhart)
Dependence Day

Episode: 109

Apr 20, 1989
Iola gets thrown out of her house and into Thelma's when she refuses to go with her mother's will.

No Guest Appearances
Mama Makes Three

Episode: 110

Apr 27, 1989
Vint and Naomi plan to adopt a child after they find out Vint is sterile, but don't have to because Naomi finds out she is pregnant.

Guest Stars: Don Woodard (Dr. Richards)

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