Season Four Episodes (April 24, 1987 - January 15, 1988)
The most memorable episode in season four is entitled "Hawaii."

Episode Name Description/Guest Stars Picture
Zirconias Are a Girl's Best Friend

Episode: 61

Apr 24, 1987
Mama and Naomi are hooked on the KRAY teleshopper channel.

Guest Stars: Mark Neely (Travis)
Educating Mama

Episode: 62

May 1, 1987
Mama joins Bubba at night school to try and get her high school diploma.

Guest Stars: John Ingle (Mr. Tucker), Gary Stratton (Buford), Cynthia Whitaker (Heather)
A Room With No View

Episode: 63

May 15, 1987
The family agrees to let Bubba and Naomi, Vint change bedrooms, but plans are destroyed when Mama complains about Bubba's band and Naomi's heavy breathing.

Guest Stars: Grant Heslov (T-Boy), Beau Bishop (Dwayne)
The Key to the Crime

Episode: 64

May 22, 1987
The "Courteous Crook" is loose in Raytown and the police are stumped. Later, the police accidentally mistake Vint for the crook.

Guest Stars: Allan David Fox (Officer Sneed), Michael Cedar (Hobart), Rex Ryon (Packard)
Gift Horse

Episode: 65

May 29, 1987
The family wants a VCR, but they don't have enough money to buy it, so they decide to have a garage sale and sell their junk, as well as Iola's prized handicrafts.

Guest Stars: Amy Benedict (Margo), Flo Di Re (Peg), Michael E. Fairman (Joe), Ted Hayden (Harry)
A Big Hand for Mama

Episode: 66

Jun 12, 1987
Mama was going inside the Court House when lightning struck the clock and the minute hand fell and almost hit her. After this harrowing experience, Mama decides to turn over a new leaf and borrow her stuff to her family.

No Guest Appearances
Teacher's Pet

Episode: 67

Jun 19, 1987
Mama doesn't like the teacher Mr. Hanson. Naomi suggests that Mama may have a crush on her teacher.

Guest Stars: Joseph Campanella (Allan Hanson), Amy Benedict (Amy Johnson)
Child's Play

Episode: 68

Jun 26, 1987
The Reverend and Mrs. Meechum ask Thelma if she would babysit little Eugene, who is a spoiled brat.

Guest Stars: Earl Boen (Reverend Meechum), Anne Haney (Alberta Meechum), Ryan Bollman (Eugene Meechum)
Flounder's Day

Episode: 69

Jul 3, 1987
Bad memories stir up for Thelma as the Flounders Day events come way. Thelma decides to go into a audition because her biggest competition died.

Guest Stars: Rod McCary (Clive Montaigne), Rio Hibler (Jane McCauley)
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Episode: 70

Aug 7, 1987
Naomi and Vint want a separation, but neither can afford it.

No Guest Appearances
I Do, I Don't

Episode: 71

Aug 14, 1987
The family along with Iola, Amy and Allan attend the wedding of Cousin Izzy and Ida Sue, which prompts Bubba, Mama and Iola to picture married life with their respective others, or their wanna be others.

Guest Stars: Joseph Campanella (Allan Hanson), Amy Benedict (Amy Johnson)
Bed and Breakdown

Episode: 72

Sep 11, 1987
During breakfast Vint mention the Tri-State fair and how it's gonna be the biggest ever. Naomi says the Chamber of Commerce has asked people to rent rooms in their homes since all the hotels are filled. While Mama can't get the oven door to stay shut or even get it to work at all. Which gives her the idea to rent a room in the house out to earn money for a new one.

Guest Stars: Dennis Robertson (Andrew Thornberry), Lois De Banzie (Rhoda Thornberry), Tom McCleister (Ernie Carruthers), Julie Tesh (Nancy Ann), Cheryl Pollak (Kim), Courtney Gebhart (Bobby Sue), Michelle Burkhart (Billy Joe), Sugar the Pig (Peggy Sue)
Workman's Holiday

Episode: 73

Sep 18, 1987
The church rummage sale is rolling around once again and Mama's cleaning out her attic to help do her part. But refuses to give away a little handy craft she made for Vint when he was young, a pink bunny rabbit lunch box,named Binky. Little does Mama know that it is a sore spot with Vint.He considers it a child hood trauma. They ofcourse have vastly different memories of the lunch box.

No Guest Appearances
Mama's Girls

Episode: 74

Sep 25, 1987
Effie's doctor tells her she needs to start exercising more, so after an argument her and Thelma sign up for a tap class at the senior's center. Only to find out there not allowed to sweat due to the insurance policy on the place. So Mama decides to lead her own class and soon enough there planning a big show at the center.

Guest Stars: Dorothy Van (Aunt Effie), Marguerite Hickey (Bambi), Earl Bullock (Hartley Scoggins), Betty Bunch (Belle Scoggins), Meg Brown (Mama's Girl #1), Gloria Larson (Mama's Girl #2), Frances Neal (Mama's Girl #3), Beverly Polcyn (Mama's Girl #4), Patty Joy Neal (Mama's Girl #5)
Mama Gets the Bird

Episode: 75

Oct 2, 1987
Rich Uncle Oscar leaves Thelma his bird, little to know the bird is giving hints away of another present.

Guest Stars: Karen Hartman (the Voice of Petey)
Mama Mania

Episode: 76

Oct 9, 1987
Mama gets into a woman's wrestling tournament because her big mouth got her into it, along with hitting Didi (wrestler) with a bucket and knocking her out.

Guest Stars: Spice Williams (Didi Mason), Dee Boher (Mabel One), Emily Dole (Mabel Two), Johnny Dark (Ring Announcer), Stan Mazin (Referee) Dee Booher (Mabel One)
A Friend Indeed

Episode: 77

Iola spends all her time with a new friend, which makes Mama jealous.

Guest Stars: Mary Pat Gleason (Arlene Madison)
Mama Sees Red

Episode: 78

Oct 23, 1987
Mama makes room for a Russian exchangee for as apart of 'Project Heartland.' Olga likes it in America and decides to stay.

Guest Stars: Karen Hensel (Olga Strecknavitch), Ben Rawnsley (Warren Peters)
Pomp and Circumstance

Episode: 79

Nov 6, 1987
Mama and Bubba will graduate from high school together, but Bubba wants to skip the ceremony.

Guest Stars: Joseph Campanella (Allan Hanson), Phyllis Franklin (voice of Eunice)
The Sins of the Mother

Episode: 80

Nov 13, 1987
Mama makes a big deal about Bubba coming home drunk and gets into a story about his mother Eunice.

Guest Stars: Heather Kerr (Young Eunice), Nikki Cox (Young Iola), Rich Kettley (Young Vint), Magda Harout (Eulalie Griswold), Charles Douglass (Duke Reeves)
Bubba's Double Date

Episode: 81

Nov 20, 1987
Vint and Naomi are shaperoning the Annual prom and he and Bubba are busy preparing for the big event. Iola brings over her niece and finds Bubba a prom date.

Guest Stars: Penelope Sudrow (Vernette), Karen Lynn Scott (Wanda Lynn)
Naomi's Identity Crisis

Episode: 82

Dec 4, 1987
Naomi gets amnesia when Mama hits her in the head with the kitchen door, and her attitude becomes totally opposite.

No Guest Appearances
Mama on Jeopardy

Episode: 83

Dec 11, 1987
Mama becomes a contestant on the game show Jeopardy!.

Guest Stars: Alex Trebek (Himself), Johnny Gilbert (Announcer), Isabel West (Cynthia Lane), Wil Albert (Ludlow Baxter), Bryan Byers (Fred), Roger Price (Mr. Herkle), Jill Wachholz (Cheryl)
Hawaii Part 1

Episode: 84

Jan 15, 1988
Mama and the family are packing to leave for Hawaii,when Iola bursts in and announces she is going too. NOTE: This episode was originally entitled "Mama Goes Hawaiian" Part 1.

Guest Stars: Barney Martin (Billy Field), Steve Peterson (Lars Johanssen), Alison Gleason (Lani), Yvonne Perry (Loraine), Don Nahaku (Hotel Manager)
Hawaii Part 2

Episode: 85

Jan 15, 1988
The family's trip wraps up in Hawaii. NOTE: This episode was originally entitled "Mama Goes Hawaiian" Part 2.

Guest Stars: Barney Martin (Billy Field), Steve Peterson (Lars Johanssen), Mike Ebner (Bud), Ed Ericson (Grant), Robert Witthans (Brandon), Alison Gleason (Lani), Yvonne Perry (Loraine), Fred Ball (Mr. Feldman), Cha Thompson (Mrs. Feldman)

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