Season Six Episodes (September 18, 1989 - May 12, 1990)
The sixth and last season of the show. The most memorable episode in season six is entitled "Bye, Bye Baby".

Episode Name Description/Guest Stars Picture
Mama's Medicine Show

Episode: 111

Sep 18, 89
Naomi and Vint need money for a child so they suggest that Mama should sell her tonic. The plan leads to disaster because it contains 35% alcohol.

Guest Stars: Anne Haney (Alberta Meachum)
An Affair To Forget

Episode: 112

Sep 25, 89
Naomi suspects that Vint is having an affair with his co-worker Heather.

Guest Stars: Teresa Gaszel (Heather)
Mr. Wrong

Episode: 113

Oct 02, 89
Iola finally dates a man (named Burt), but is he everything she dreamed?

Guest Stars: Stuart Nisbet (Burt Cooper)
Now Hear This

Episode: 114

Oct 09, 89
The Harpers install an intercom system for when the new baby arrives, but it leads to trouble when people evesdrop on other conversations.

No Guest Appearances
Tri-States Most Wanted

Episode: 115

Oct 16, 89
Mama mistakes an actor for a murderer.

Guest Stars: Robert Mandan (Leslie Lemoyne), Tom Egan (TV Announcer)
A Blast From The Past

Episode: 116

Oct 30, 89
Mama gets an invitation in the mail to her 50th (Gilmore Junior High School) Reunion. She plans to go even though she is known by her classmates as "Hot Pants."

Guest Stars: Ted Hayden (Clayton Gibbons), Pat Crawford Brown (Joanne Mickley), Jerry Anderson (Frank Fillmore)
Mama Fights Back

Episode: 117

Oct 23, 89
Mama gets offered a TV series when a store refuses to return her merchandise, for which she has a reciept for.

Guest Stars: Harry S. Murphy (Harrison Aldrich), Don Bovingloh (voice of Chuck Puval), Sue Rihr (voice of Evelyn & Ida)
Psycho Pheno-Mama

Episode: 118

Nov 07, 89
Naomi and Vint hire a phony Madame Rita to predict their futures.

Guest Stars: Liz Torres (Madame Rita)
Take My Mama, Please

Episode: 119

Nov 13, 89
Mama does open mike night at the Bigger Jigger and embarasses her family.

Guest Stars: Danny Dayton (Shecky Lewis), Ron Pearson (Skip Foster)
Mama Takes Stock

Episode: 120

Nov 27, 89
Quick Keys is changing into a yogurt shop, which means Vint will loose his job. Mama finds stock in the company and will try to save Vint's career.

Guest Stars: Dick Christie (Alex Chetwynd), S. Marc Jordan (B.D. Larson)
Bubba's House Band

Episode: 121

Dec 04, 89
Mama, Vint, Naomi and Iola are preparing for Church Carnival. And Bubba brings home a girl rock band named the Bonecrushers.

Guest Stars: Lisa Michelson (Snake), Stacey Q (Ciji), Terrah (Mojo)
War Of Roses

Episode: 122

Dec 18, 89
Mama and Iola get in a fight over which rose will win in the competition.

Guest Stars: Marte Boyle Scott (Mae June Weasley)
Mama Takes A Dive

Episode: 123

Jan 03, 90
Mama needing money for a new oven decides to take Iola's advice and go to the bank for a loan. After they turn her down, Mama slips on a roll of pennies an plan's to sue the bank.

Guest Stars: Phil Rubenstein (Sam Travis), Judy Kain (Miss Small)
Mama Get's Goosed

Episode: 124

Jan 10, 90
Mama get's attached to the main course for Christmas, a goose.

No Guest Appearances
Guess Who's Going To Dinner

Episode: 125

Jan 17, 90
Vint is forced to choose between Mama and Naomi for a free "Mother's Day" dinner.

Guest Stars: Gino Conforti (Baba), Laurie Rose (Mesmera The Belly Dancer)
The Big Nap

Episode: 126

Feb 01, 90
Mama is hooked on detective films and dreams she's a detective.

No Guest Appearances
Pinup Mama

Episode: 127

Feb 08, 90
Bubba takes picutres for his class project which includes family, and a pin-up model. As a joke he plans to have Mama's head on the pin-up girl.

Guest Stars: Art Kassul (Wes), Bob Larkin (Ernie), Julianna McCarthy (Lucille), Melanie Tomlin (Lisa)
Look Who's Breathing

Episode: 128

Feb 15, 90
Mama and Iola are preparing for Bingo when Naomi needs a partner for natural birth classes. Mama then decides to try to quicken the class.

Guest Stars: Lynn Milgrim (Margaret Hedley), Patricia Alice Albrecht (Sally Bowers), F. Richards Ford (Ed Bowers)
There Is Nothing Like The Dames

Episode: 129

Mar 05, 90
Vint and Naomi finally get their own place a old trashy motor home they plan to fix up. Mama is preparing to a luncheon for a snooty group she is dying to get in called The Dames. Things start going wrong when Naomi and Vint can't get the trailer off Mama's property.

Guest Stars: Natalie Core (High Dame Pearso), Pamela Kosh (Dame Goode), Barbara Townsend (Dame Barth)
Bye Bye Baby

Episode: 130

Mar 12, 90
In the Series Finale, Naomi goes into labor and names her girl Tiffany Thelma. Much to everyone's surprise, even with a baby in the house, the Harpers continue to yell and fight.

No Guest Appearances

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