Information on the very first episode of Facts of Life.

The Pilot Episode was originally aired on May 4, 1979; the 24th episode Diff'rent Strokes (Season One). To purchase this episode on The Diff'rent Strokes Complete First Season Set on DVD, please visit

Kimberly is preparing for the class play at Eastlake. The Headmaster, Mr. Crocker is looking for a new housemother since the one he had quit on short notice. Everyone's costume has to be ready by tomorrow night in time for the rehearsal. Mrs. Garrett agreed to help out with the customs. Nancy is worried that she will have to quit since her father lost his job and can no longer afford to send her to school. Fortunately, Mrs Garrett talked the Head trustee into creating an academic scholarship so Nancy could stay at EastLake. Did you notice that Mindy Cohn is not in this episode.

Conrad Bain as Mr. Drummond
Gary Coleman as Arnold
Todd Bridges as Willis
Dana Plato as Kimberly
Charlotte Rae as Mrs. Garrett

Felice Schachter as Nancy
Kim Fields as Tootie
Julie Piekarski as Sue Ann
Lisa Whelchel as Blair
Molly Ringwald as Molly
Jennifer Rooney as Jennifer
Peter Hobbs as Mr. Robinson (Head trustee)
Laura Shuman as Laura
Jack Riley as Harold J. Crocker (Headmaster)

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