The set is the trendy boutique. Cloris Leachman joins the cast. Most memorable episodes in season eight are entitled "Out of Peekskill," "Seven Little Indians," and "62 Pick-up."

Episode Name Description/Guest Stars Picture
Out Of Peekskill

Episode: 158, 159

Sep 27, 86
Mrs Garrett is torn between two loves: the girls in Peekskill; and Dr Bruce Gains, who she meet 20 years ago, in the piece corps, the man who wants to marry her and carry her off to Africa. When Mrs. Garrett decides to marry and move to Africa, her sister Beverly Ann, moves in with the girls.

Guest Stars: Charlotte Rae (Edna Garrett), Eve Smith (Eve), Ruth Gillette (Ruth), Beverly Leech (Blond Girl), Robert Mandan (Bruce), Charlie Dell (Minister), Marc Mantell (Paramedic #1), Richard M. Newkirk (Camper)
Ready or Not

Episode: 160

Oct 04, 86
Beverly Ann is worried that Tootie and Rudy are considering becoming lovers.

Guest Stars: Claude Brooks (Rudy), Lois Nettleton (Radio Voice)
Another Room

Episode: 161

Oct 11, 86
Fed up with the circus atmosphere and lack of privacy created by four girls in one room, Jo decides to move. Jo finds it difficult to pay her share of transforming the attic into a loft so she sells her bike.

Guest Stars: Kent Perkins (Virgil)
Off Broadway Baby

Episode: 162

Nov 01, 86
At a broadway audition Tootie is shocked to hear another aspirant practicing Tooties song, "Two Hearts", magnificantly.

Guest Stars: Barbara Sharma (Elayne), Tom Henschel (Stage Manager), Darrow Igus (Police Officer), Stacey Q (Cinnamon)
The Little Chill

Episode: 163

Nov 08, 86
A reunion of Eastland Alumnae brings back fond memories of past in flashbacks and produce unexpected revelations about the present.

Guest Stars: Felice Schachter (Nancy Olson), Julie Anne Haddock (Cindy Webster), Julie Piekarski (Sue Ann Weaver)
The Ratings Game

Episode: 164

Nov 15, 86
Blair rates her dates by computer and Jo switches two guys to snare at Blairs No. 10.

Guest Stars: Bradley White (Bob), Larry Spinak (Don), Paul Feig (Ron), Kevin Spirtas (Doug (credited as Kevin Blair))
Wedding Day

Episode: 165

Nov 22, 86
Unaware of the legal consequences, Jo offers to marry an illegal alien.

Guest Stars: Nick Corri (Enrico Quinterez), Robert Phalen (Arnold Jensen), Lewis Dauber (Floyd Barton)
Fast Food

Episode: 166

Nov 29, 86
To pass a buisness course Blair relutantly goes to work at a Mexican fast-food franchise for assistant manager Natalie and just may blow an whole enchilada for both of them.

Guest Stars: Alan Blumenfeld (Mr. Simmons), Meg Wyllie (Mrs. Webster), Orson Bean (Oliver Thompson), Blake Clark (Trucker)
Where's Poppa

Episode: 167

Dec 06, 86
Blair is horrified when her father is indicted for tax evasion.

Guest Stars: Nicolas Coster (David Warner)
Write and Wrong

Episode: 168

Dec 13, 86
A furious Natalie determines to idenify and sue the plagerist who sold her short story to the magazine.

Guest Stars: George Clooney (George Burnett), Billie Bird (Polly), Dennis Drake (Jack)
Seven Little Indians

Episode: 169

Jan 03, 87
A Surrealistic drama unfolds on a dark stormy night as a killer stalks the store.

Guest Stars: George Clooney (George Burnett), Maurice LaMarche (Rod Sperling)
The Greek Connection

Episode: 170

Jan 10, 87
Natalie crashes the rush party of the sorority that Tootie wants to join.

Guest Stars: Penelope Ann Miller (Kristen Morgan), Brenda James (Debbie), Lela Rochon (Diana), Kristin Cumming (Becky), Signy Coleman (Amy)
Post-Christmas Card

Episode: 171

Jan 17, 87
As a Christmas gift, Natalie gets her first credit card, and goes on a spending spree.

Guest Stars: Charles Levin (Looney Lou)
A Star is Torn

Episode: 172

Jan 31, 87
Cinnamon who bested Tootie in the auditions for a Broadway rock musical, shows up that shes been replaced, but that is not the story.

Guest Stars: George Clooney (George Burnett), Stacey Q (Cinnamon), Sam Whipple (Stan)
A Winters Tale

Episode: 173

Feb 07, 87
The girls are snowed in at a ski cabin with three guys who are preparing a bachelor party, but the groom is ready to call off the wedding when he takes a look at Blair.

Guest Stars: Doug Savant (Dwayne), Tom Hodges (Ernie), Mark Savalle (Hopper)
Cupids Revenge

Episode: 174

Feb 14, 87
The girls' love lives go awry on Valentine's Day.

Guest Stars: Orson Bean (Oliver Thompson), Woody Brown (Cliff), Todd Hollowell (Jeff), Loren Lester (Roy)
62-Pick Up

Episode: 175

Feb 21, 87
Bobby Rydell and Fabian visit the girls and together they look and recall the sound of the 1960's.

Guest Stars: Fabian (Himself), Bobby Rydell (Himself)
Boy About the House

Episode: 176

Feb 28, 87
Beverly Ann is sick of seeing Andy being shuffled around from one foster home to another, so she offers to adopt him.

Guest Stars: Jay Johnson (Ray Rollins), Jean Sincere (Dorothy Newell)
Ex-Marks The Spot

Episode: 177

Mar 07, 87
Beverly Ann's ex shows up unexpectedly hoping for a reconciliation.

Guest Stars: Dick Van Patten (Frank Stickle), Orson Bean (Oliver Thompson), Lois Nettleton (Noreen Stickle), Jeffrey Alan Chandler (Doctor), Randy Brenner (Orderly), Takayo Fischer (Nurse)
Younger Than Springtime

Episode: 178

Mar 27, 87
Jo is unhappy that Blair is playing matchmaker with Jo's lonely father because she is unhappy to see the results.

Guest Stars: Alex Rocco (Charlie Polniaczek), Susan Walters (Cynthia Parks), Linda Henning (Margaret Parks)
This is Only a Test

Episode: 179

Apr 18, 87
Blair learns that her test score, not the influence of her parents, will decide if she is admitted to law school.

Guest Stars: John O'Leary (Elmore Rusk)
Rites of Passage

Episode: 180

May 02, 87
It is now time for Jo and Blair to graduate from college, but Jo got turned down by the speech committee, instead, Blair will be giving the graduation speech.

Guest Stars: Nicolas Coster (David Warner), Marj Dusay (Monica Warner), Sheldon Leonard (Josef Polniaczek), Ben Piazza (Dean Howard Jones), Alex Rocco (Charlie Polniaczek), Claire Malis (Rose Polniaczek)
Rights of Passage Too

Episode: 181

May 09, 87
Summer offers a variety of options for everyone, especially Jo, who's offered a tempting job in Los Angeles.

Guest Stars: Jonathan Perpich (Eric Sandler), Adam Carl (Jeremy Bennett)

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