The set is school cafeteria. Most memorable episode in season three is entitled "The Four Musketeers."

Episode Name Description/Guest Stars Picture
Growing Pains

Episode: 30

Oct 28, 81
Tootie is tired of being treated like a kid, turns to alcohol to prove she isn't.

Guest Stars: Roger Perry (Mr. Parker)
Fear Strikes Back

Episode: 31

Nov 04, 81
Natalie withdraws into herself when she becomes the victim of a rape attempt.

Guest Stars: Louis Welch (Instructor), Paige Conner (Lucy)
A Baby in the House

Episode: 32

Nov 11, 81
Blair's friend Allison, a former student, brings her baby for a visit with her old classmates, then disappears, leaving her infant to their care. Emily's father's name is David.

Guest Stars: Heather Kerr (Alison), Danielle Nathanson & Kristin Nathanson (Emily (alternating))
A Friend in Deed

Episode: 33

Nov 18, 81
Blair's Mother deals with suspected breast cancer by hiding the truth from her family.

Guest Stars: Marj Dusay (Monica Warner), Geri Jewell (Geri Tyler)
Front Page

Episode: 34

Nov 25, 81
Burned by her journalism teacher's scathing critcism, Jo turns out a front page story linking him to a drug bust that gets him fired from Eastland.

Guest Stars: Julie Anne Haddock (Cindy Webster), Julie Piekarski (Sue Ann Weaver), Steven Anderson (Professor Gideon), Loren Lester (Roy)
Give and Take

Episode: 35

Dec 02, 81
The girls take Mrs. Garrett in hand when a financial setback makes her despondant and indifferent to her responsibilities.

Guest Stars: Roger Perry (Mr. Parker)
Sweet Sorrow

Episode: 36

Dec 09, 81
Jo's Boyfriend Eddie comes to town and takes an disliking to her lab partner. Bob and Jo get serious with their studies. They show for the first time a back door to the common room. Eddie has earned a new strip.

Guest Stars: Clark Brandon (Eddie Brennan), Shawn Stevens (Bob Perkins)
From Russia With Love

Episode: 37

Dec 16, 81
Natalie's grandmother arrives unexpectedly on the weekend for which Natalie has more romantic plans with a date with Chip Douglas from Bates Academy in New York.

Guest Stars: Molly Picon (Grandma Mona)
Dear Me

Episode: 38

Dec 23, 81
Tootie invents an imaginary boyfriend, Lee Watson Jr form Washington, to discourage her matchmaking peers, but then has to deal with their curiosity.

Guest Stars: Todd Hollowell (Zack Peters), David Wallace (Paul), Philip Linton (Lenny), Felice Schachter (Nancy)
Cousin Geri Returns

Episode: 39

Dec 30, 81
The girls set up a date between the much admired French teacher and Blair's handicapped cousin Geri, but then get suspicious when he asks for another date.

Guest Stars: Geri Jewell (Geri Tyler), Lou Richards (Mr. Palmer)

Episode: 40

Jan 06, 82
A bequest from Blair's grandfather shakes a secret out of her family tree.

Guest Stars: Roger Perry (Mr. Parker), Loren Lester (Roy)
Green-Eyed Monster

Episode: 41

Jan 13, 82
A jealous Natalie is out for revenge when Tootie lands the lead in the school production of South Pacific.

Guest Stars: Felice Schachter (Nancy), Hazel Shermet (Miss Downes), Heidi Helmer (Girl #1), Beverly Nero (Pianist)
The Americanization of Miko

Episode: 42

Jan 20, 82
A Japanese father's banzai traditionalism alienates his happily Americanized daughter. Miko wrecked Jo's motorcycle when her father was going to take her our of Eastland.

Guest Stars: Lauren Tom (Miko), Mako (Mr. Wakamatsu)
The Marriage Brokers

Episode: 43

Jan 27, 82
The girls are surprised to learn that Mrs. Garrett's date has been her very affectionalte friend for 15 years.

Guest Stars: Norman Alden (Ernest Melbourne), Scott Strader (Barnett Thornwood III), William Marquez (Carlos), Pepe Crow (Renaldo)

Episode: 44

Feb 03, 92
Tootie's passion for Jermaine Jackson worries her friends, especially when she receives his personal invitation to a concert.

Guest Stars: Fitzhugh Huston (Fitz), Jermaine Jackson (Himself), Pamela Springsteen (Sally), Geri Jewell (Geri Tyler), Sal Landi (Sal), Cheryl Epps (Terry), Marcus Chong (Young Boy), Tonia G. Smith (Fan #1), Jere Fields (Georgia), Sheila Monique (Fan #2), Danielle Bateman (Girl #1), Mark Davitt (Mark), Jill Tandy (Girl #2), Rick Fitts (P.R. Man), Paris Robinson (Guard), Tamara Taylor (Teen Fan)
The Four Musketeers

Episode: 45

Feb 10, 82
The girls are released from Mrs. Garrett's custody and told that they can go their seperate ways. FYI: The famous paint fight episode.

Guest Stars: Susan Blackstone (Brenda)
The Affair

Episode: 46

Feb 17, 82
Natalie forces a painful confrontation with her father when she learns of his extramarital affair.

Guest Stars: Norman Burton (Dr. Green), Peter Reckell (Alan Cooke), Benito Prezia (Luigi)

Episode: 47

Feb 24, 82
Tootie runs off to Manhattan, where she's confronted with teen-age prostitution.

Guest Stars: Lauren Tom (Miko), Tammy Lauren (Kristy), Darrell Fetty (Mike), Linda Darlow (Waitress), Larry Gelman (Man), Belle Ellig (Woman)
New York, New York

Episode: 48

Mar 3, 82
Blair and Jo, perenial enemies, take a good look at themselves during a vacation reunion with old friends.

Guest Stars: Alexa Kenin (Jesse) Dana Kimmell (Dina Becker), Bunny Summers (Hildy), David Bond (Checkers Player), Jan Rabson (Waiter)
Kid's Can Be Cruel

Episode: 49

Mar 17, 82
Natalie's out to even a score with Blair, but doesn't stop to consider who might get hurt in the process.

Guest Stars: Dan Frischman (Carl), Scott McGinnis (Dink), Marc Poppel (Tim), Wendell Baker (Boy #1), Andrew J. Lederer (Boy #2)
Mind Your Own Business

Episode: 50

Mar 24, 82
A veil of secrecy descends upon the dormitory after Natalie discovers Blair sneaked a peak at her diary.

No Guest Appearances
The Academy

Episode: 51

Mar 31, 82
Blair's "socially connected" blind date for a military school dance courtesy of Jo turns out to be a Dead End Kid.

Guest Stars: David Ackroyd (Major Dorsey), Jimmy Baio (Buzz Ryan), Peter Frechette (Knight), David Raynr (Chip), Ben Marley (Hank), John P. Navin, Jr. (Alfred)
Jo's Cousin

Episode: 52

Apr 14, 82
While visiting her family, Jo tries to pretty up her lovesick tomboy cousin.

Guest Stars: Donnelly Rhodes (Sal), Megan Follows (Terry Largo), John Mengatti (Paul Velentti), Grant Cramer (Tony), D.W. Brown (Bud)
Read No Evil

Episode: 53

May 05, 82
Books are disappearing from the school library shelves for "reevaluation,". A protesting Mrs. Garrett is muzzled "for the sake of the school" and an angry editorial gets Natalie bounced from the school paper.

Guest Stars: Roger Perry (Mr. Parker), Susan Davis (Betty), Ed Penn (Man #1), Beverly Dixon (Woman #1), W. Perren Page (Man #2), Geri Jewell (Geri Tyler)

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