Set changes to school cafeteria. Nancy Mckeon joins the cast. Most memorable episode in season two is entitled "The New Girl."

Episode Name Description/Guest Stars Picture
New Girl
"Part 1"

Episode: 14

Nov 19, 80
Blair clashes with tough new girl Jo, and the girls take the school van on a joy ride.

Guest Stars: Peter Fox (Officer Barry Shuler) Reb Brown (ID checker) Gary Coleman (Arnold Jackson)
New Girl
"Part 2"

Episode: 15

Nov 26, 80
After four of Mrs. Garrett's girls wreck the school van during a joy ride to the Chug-a-lug bar, they are put on probation for six months. They must live over the cafeteria and work in the kitchen until the damage to the van is paid off.

Guest Stars: Hugh Gillin (Howard) Molly Ringwald (Molly) Susie Goddard (Tough Girl) Amy Gibson (Margo) Rene Lampart (Boy) Bunny Summers (Matron)
Double Standard

Episode: 16

Dec 10, 80
Blair gets upset when her old childhood boyfriend invites Jo to the cotillion at the Highcrest Country Club instead of her.

Guest Stars: Grant Wilson (Harrison Andrews)
Who am I

Episode: 17

Dec 17, 80
Tootie is attracted to a young man who seems determined to turn her against her school and her white friends.

Guest Stars: Erik Moses (Fred) David Coburn (Carl) Tan Adams (Julia) Shawntee Northcutte (Madge) Cheryl Epps (Terry) Tim Clark (Boy #1) Gary Dubin (Boy #2)
Cousin Geri

Episode: 18

Dec 24, 80
Some facts of life come hard for Blair who is embarrassed by her cousin's handicap, who has cerebral palsy, although her friends are simply charmed by her. Cousin Geri is played by the nightclub comedienne Geri Jewell who has cerebral palsy.

Guest Stars: Hugh Gillin (Howard) Geri Jewell (Geri)

Episode: 19

Dec 31, 80
It's Mrs. Garrett's birthday and Jo, Tootie, Natalie are in competition with Blair to get her something really nice. But the plan backfires when Mrs. Garrett gets arrested for shoplifting when she innocently tries to exchange it for a smaller size.

Guest Stars: Dick O'Neill (Henry Douglas) Hazel Shermet (Saleslady) Brad Trumbull (Guard)
Teen Marriage
"Part 1 & 2"

Episode: 20, 21

Jan 7 & 14, 81
Sixteen year-old Jo calls her mom to invite her to the big debate at Bates Academy only to learn that her mother is living with another man, Jack, so she decides to elope with her Seaman Recruit boyfriend, Eddie who went AWOL to come to visit Jo.Everyone was trying to talk her out of it. Mrs. Garrett call Jo's mom, Rose Polniaczek; Blair went on a double date with the captain of the debating team; everyone gave her a bridal shower. First appearance of Jo's boyfriend, Eddie, from the bronx.

Guest Stars: Hugh Gillin (Howard) Clark Brandon (Eddie Brennan) Bill Dana (Hotel Manager) Brian Fuld (Bink) Bella Bruck (Woman Attendant) Mark Savalle (Waiter)
Breaking Point

Episode: 22

Jan 28, 81
Blair has some stiff competiton for the class presidential election.

Guest Stars: Denise Halma (Cynthia)
Sex Symbol

Episode: 23

Feb 4, 81
Natalie's first date has unanticipated consequences.

Guest Stars: Julie Anne Haddock (Cindy) Julie Piekarski (Sue Ann) Felice Schachter (Nancy) Dan Spector (Neil) Holly Gagnier (Helen)
The Secret

Episode: 24

Feb 25, 81
Jo won the best new student award. Tootie is the mail monitor. Jo's Dad, who's an ex-con, comes to visit the school.

Guest Stars: Alex Rocco (Charlie Polniazek)
Pretty Babies

Episode: 25

Mar 04, 81
A high fashion photographer discovers Tootie as his new model.

Guest Stars: Felice Schachter (Nancy) John Mark Robinson (Jonathon Dutton) Michelle Downey (Rena)
Bought and Sold

Episode: 26

Mar 11, 81
Blair starts selling cosmetics and wants to give Natalie a glamorous make-over.

Guest Stars: Zsa Zsa Gabor (Countess Calvet) Todd Bridges (Willis Drummond)
Free Spirit

Episode: 27

Mar 18, 81
Mrs. Garrett's song writing son visits and she finds out the truth about his career. Natalie is studying for her spanish exam.

Guest Stars: Tom Fitzsimmons (Alex Garrett)
Brian and Sylvia

Episode: 28

Mar 25, 81
"Brian and Sylvia" is a pilot for a spinoff focusing on Tootie's aunt and uncle who have a interracial marriage--she's black and he's white. Tootie and Natalie visit them in New York where Sylvia is a local news anchor and Brian is the head of a recreational department. They argue over her career offer to head a big city newscast in L.A.

Guest Stars: Richard Dean Anderson (Brian Parker) Rosanne Katon (Sylvia Parker) Ja'net DuBois (Ethel) Anthony Holland (Ray) Peter Barth (The Stage Manager) Dudley Knight (The Announcer) Ron Sloan (Danny Robinson) Thos Peters (Larry Baker)

Episode: 29

Jun 03, 81
Tootie is upset when Blair, Jo and the Eleventh graders are going on a field trip to New York so she spreads some gossip that causes problems for Mrs. Garrett and has Blair, Nancy, and Jo fighting.

Guest Stars: Hugh Gillin (Howard) Kenneth Mars (Mr. Harris) Julie Anne Haddock (Cindy) Julie Piekarski (Sue Ann) Felice Schachter (Nancy)

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