The first season of the show. The set is the Eastland dorm room. Most memorable episode in season one is entitled "Rough Housing."

Episode Name Description/Guest Stars Picture
Rough Housing

Episode: 01

Aug 24, 79
Mrs. Garrett a loveable and comic housekeeper, becomes the house mother to five girls attending an exclusive all-girl finishing school. All of the girls are getting ready for their Annual Harvest Dance. Miss. Mahoney is upset that Mr. Bradley changed Eastland's Iron-clad curfew rules after 54 years. Blair won Harvest Queen for three years in a row. Cindy ran against Blair and won Corn Maiden of Harvest.

Guest Stars: Conrad Bain (Phillip Drummond), Todd Bridges (Willis Jackson), Gary Coleman (Arnold Jackson), Dana Plato (Kimberly Drummond)
Like Mother, Like Daughter

Episode: 02

Aug 31, 79
It's parents night at Eastland and Mrs. Garrett tries to convince the campus beauty, Blair, that she will not have to be like her flirtatious mother.

Guest Stars: Pam Huntington (Monica Warner) Donald May (Justin Branch)
The Return of Mister Garrett

Episode: 03

Sep 7, 79
Mrs. Garrett's handsome and charming ex-husband, a gambler, teaches Tootie how to play poker.

Guest Stars: Robert Alda (Robert Garrett)

Episode: 04

Sep 14, 79
One of the students makes public list of all the students IQ scores. Also Mrs. Garrett learns to fly an airplane. The Girls take their midterm exam.

No Guest Appearances
Emily Dickenson

Episode: 05

Mar 14, 80
One of Mrs. Garretts charges, Blair feel guilty after receiving the highest grade in the class on an Emily Dickenson poem she plagiarized. The poem was "Beauty crowds me till I die" from the complete poems of Emily Dickenson.

Guest Stars: Duane Ladage (Jason)
The Facts of Love

Episode: 06

Apr 04, 80
Mrs. Garrett tries to explain between boys and girls to one of the girls in her house. This is the one where Mrs. Garrett teaches sex education to the girls at Eastland. Mrs. Garrett is a registered nurse.

Guest Stars: Greg Bradford (Steve)
Flash Flood

Episode: 07

Apr 11, 80
When a torrential rain storm hits the school, Steven Bradley, the headmaster, heroically rescues Blair.

Guest Stars: Vincent Bufano (Soldier)

Episode: 08

Apr 25, 80
Mrs. Garrett is trying to persuade the headmaster, Steven Bradley, to provide funds for a new stereo for the common room. She ends up buying Tumpy's for $175.

Guest Stars: Hillary Horan (Tumpy), Helen Hunt (Emily)

Episode: 09

May 02, 80
Sue Ann and Cindy compete for a track race. Sue Ann won three years in a row. Notice the clock in the common room it always has the same time on it.

No Guest Appearances

Episode: 10

Apr 25, 80
A school lesson inspires the adopted Natalie Green to launch a search for her real parents. Blair gets her moms boyfriend, Judge Garfield, to find out who her real mother is. Natalie was born September 2, 1966 in Manhatten.

No Guest Appearances

Episode: 11

Mar 21, 80
Sue Ann goes on a crash diet to impress a socially prominent date, with her new slim figure.

Guest Stars: Greg Bradford (Steve)
Molly's Holiday

Episode: 12

Jun 04, 80
The girls plan to reunite Molly Parker's separated parents backfires when her father arrives with his new girlfriend.

Guest Stars: William Bogert (Mr. Parker), Lee Crawford (Angela)

Episode: 13

Mar 12, 80
The girls write their own essays for career day. Tootie's dad, a lawyer, thinks Mrs. Garrett's beauty sessions are a bad influence on his daughter and wants to take her out of the Eastland School.

Guest Stars: Robert Hooks (Mr. Ramsey)

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